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  1. This is BS…..this is happening to all pain suffers across the US. We are turning into a communist country vs a democracy. Legit pain prescriptions should be filled when written by a legit doctor. When did these pharmacist become doctors? They don’t have a clue what we pain suffers are going thru and how dare they play with people’s lives. I have been trying to see about starting a class action lawsuit here in the state of FL but to no avail. What can we as a nation of sick, disabled and chronic pain suffers do that are realy suffering? Anyone??? My husband and I go thru this every month trying to get our pain medication filled. We have gone to the same pharmacy for years, which happens to be Walgreens. Never fill early or doctor/pharmacy shop til just recently because we were told we didn’t fit their criteria!! My husband had cancer, almost lost his life in a motorcycle accident and has major chronic pain due to this….how dare they tell us he doesn’t fit the criteria!! I’m over it….we the people need to all stand up for ourselves and do something and soon before it gets to where we can’t get any medications.

  2. I dont know when the FL legislation has its ‘meet your legislator day’ at the state capitol building.. but that might be a good time to have a mass demonstration of chronic pain patients there to put real faces with what Pam ‘fill the jails’ Bondi. Is doing to the legitimate pain community.

  3. It seems to me that we (chronic pain sufferers) have become the target of those “death panels” we heard so much about! Living in pain is not really living at all,and inability to get our meds so we can have a semi decent day with less pain is becoming a thing of the past. I just wonder who benefits from our suffering. Maybe they will line us up & execute us, sometimes I feel this would be a better option-Today is one of those days

    • Hi Arenda. Sorry you are having such a crumby day. I hope you can gain some relief soon.

      Matt Damon played in a sci-fi movie called Elysium last year. There were two societies. One on earth w/ little to no healthcare and one on ‘Elysium’ that had excellent healthcare and other societal perks. Truth stranger than fiction? Check it out.

      Why all the crying over healthcare reform? Rationing? and Death Panels? It cuts into profit margins for wall street investors. Statistics say that the health insurance industry is in the top 5 in return on investments. So when you hear that ‘we’ just can’t afford this that or the other for those who want to keep our current system, remember who has the most to gain from all those denials you get when trying to use your insurance to fill an Rx. Both parties are squarely in the pocket of the big health care insurers. They are just arguing over details. Why else would the government give control of and guarantee a profit over the healthcare and obscene amount of $$ made from Rx meds for our most vulnerable citizens, seniors and the disabled. Why do we pay more for prescriptions than any other country for meds made right here in the US?

      Pundits of healthcare reform are correct. We can NOT afford to expand the number of people insured and give them quality treatment ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;(while still making billions at the expense of our citizens quality of life [and death]), That is where the death panels and rationing come into play……………
      and there’s nothing new here. It’s not just ‘Obama care’ which is strikingly similar to ‘Romney care’ which preceded it in Mass while Mr Mitty was Gov, This rationing has been going on for years and years. The only difference was it was the insurance companies who decided…………

      This first link’s stats are a bit dated but you get the idea about the profits we are talking about. The current health system does not give two shakes of a ***** about your life, or your quality of life, only how much they can maximize profits.




      Of interest. All the denials for Rx coverage? Most are approved if patients and doctors just follow through with an appeal or PAR exception. The companies count on the fact that 50% of doctors will not want the hassle and time paid to those office workers who must jump through the hoops of paperwork, faxes, phone calls w/ incredibly long waits, etc, etc. Same goes for the patient, most will just accept the decision rather than have to mount a campaign to personally advocate for every other medication they are currently prescribed.

      http://www.kiplinger.com/article/retirement/T051-C001-S003-a-boost-in-social-security-benefits.html [1.7% increase]

      Fact, despite this massive increase my ‘entitlement’ benefits still @ federal poverty level. I am turned down for most assistance because I am not destitute due to small IRA and a checking account. The lazy and poor get more help than the disabled in this country. We are an inconvenience to both insurance companies (profits) and politicians (who cannot deride other countries human rights issues while we suffer). The world can spot our hippocracy, read any comment section on ‘entitlement’ issues and it is one reason we are despised by so many countries. How many countries have their version of the DEA are stationed in the US? How many other countries military have bases in the US? How many,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

      Erosion of civil liberties due to the war on drugs and the war on terrorism the war on us, the disabled now, are all a part of a bigger picture. That of the country transforming itself from a republic to an authoritarian corporate fascist state. Dont think so?

  4. Wow…I think William just called pretty much the majority of caring pharmacists outside of FL dishonest, as well as the minority of caring FL pharmacists who buck the system there…way to go William, you just lumped youself right there in with those who use the cop out excuse of “I’m not comforable” I really think in your little town, there mustn’t be much call for pain meds or you have zero personal knowledge of anyone going through any of the disabling illnesses these patients are experiencing, unlike myself or some of the other professionals who comment on this site. I suggest you get off you high horse William. I make use of my professional discretion but it is nowhere as judgemental as yours, my patients are all treated with respect

  5. I have a regular pharmacist. He owns an independent pharmacy. I have known for many years. He used to great! Not so much anymore… I go there because my son has a very severe case of Lyme disease. He made me son have wait 10 days to get RX filled in Sept. OH my GOD how my sons suffered because of him!
    There is NO cure for LYME if the patient has been misdiagnosed or untreated for a few years before finding out they have this disease. So all be aware! It mimics many other diseases. Well our regular family pharmacist doesn’t have much or ANY, knowledge of this condition and he says the dose is too high, or the amount of pills needs to come down. He went as far to tell me.. that if his son had this disease? he wouldn’t let him take these meds. Well,, since he’s ignorant about how complex this disease is? He would NOT be saying any of this IF his son had this as bad as my son does. He would be singing a different tune! In fact? There are very few doctors that are Lyme literate in the first place. This is why we have to drive an hour away to another county. This doctor spends at least an hour and half with us every appointment. How many doctors have time to do this? NOT many.. She really cares about these people because Lyme can dangerous to your health! You can die from it. So this pharmacist…
    is judging and should not be. In fact? because of him, my son has had his doses reduced and guess what? Now he has no life! He can’t even get out bed anymore because the pain is great!. My son needs his regular doses back and maybe more, so he can get moving to help him get better. Exercise is important to any healing.. I am sure that many pharmacists aren’t aware of how many different diseases, or pain conditions there are and how painful they are either.
    If this pharmacist tries pulling this crap on the next refill? I am going to ask him? How about reducing patients BP meds, diabetes meds, or anti depressants for their chronic conditions? Until a pharmacist has more medical schooling than his doctor and wants to refuse an RX? They need to call the doctor make sure the RX is legit and then fill damn thing! I am fed UP with lies and excuses to cause my son even more increased pain and suffering.
    KEEP these VIDEOs coming!! I plan to do one in the nest few days…If this crap is pulled again. .
    Sorry to rant and ramble.. I just wish more would think and ask more questions before denying an innocent patient.

  6. I still can’t understand why you want to fill your rx’s at walgreen’s. Unless you enjoy the hassle and confrontation and you want to record the interaction in hopes of finding your 15 minutes of fame.
    Here’s the solution to your problems. You can thank me later.
    1) stop being an asshole. realize that the pharmacist is the Keeper of the Drugs. if he doesn’t want to fill your rx, you can’t make him.
    2) get to know your pharmacist and let your pharmacist get to know you. We are here to help, but not so much for strangers presenting prescriptions on a friday night for large quantities of narcotics from doctors we’ve never heard of.
    3) Be loyal and be honest with us and you will get the same treatment in return. When you doctor shop and pharmacy hop and ask for early refills or want to pay cash this time you’ll get sent away empty handed and you’ll get no sympathy from me.
    Bottom line, stay out of the big chain stores. They put their corporate policy first. Get to know your local, independent pharmacist. He can be your biggest advocate but it will be within the guidelines of the local, state and federal law.

    • Why WAGS? The elderly and disabled are on fixed incomes. Perhaps WAGS is one of only 2-3 ‘preferred’ in-network pharmacies for their Medicare Part D plan. The difference in prices between preferred and ‘regular’ in-network pharmacies can make or break their monthly budget which is a miracle to juggle under the best of circumstances.

      As far as your ‘friendly’ neighborhood independent pharmacists being the solution to all these peoples problems? Unless you just woke up from 5 yr snooze like Rip Van Winkle how in the heck can you NOT know that these are the same ‘helpers’ that are price gouging pain meds and ONLY TAKING CASH for pain prescriptions (even after filling the same patient’s non-controlled meds w/ their insurance on the same dam visit!), denying Rx even when covered in their insurance plan’s formulary. The man on the video said Tallahassee so in case you slept through your geography class during your snooze as well, that means the incident @ WAGS was in FLORIDA. FL is the worst when it comes to independents price gouging, refusing insurance, ‘not feeling comfortable’, and turning away ‘new patients’. (Like there are nobody but addicts that dont have a regular pharmacy, what about the newly diagnosed, where are THEY to go? THESE independent ‘helpers’ you speak of are a huge part of the REAL the epidemic now, profiteering off of the poor, sick, and less fortunate.
      IMO some of these caring ‘indies’ are no better than drug dealers. They often charge 4-5 X the REGULAR cash price SO, if during YOUR shift you pull up information that shows someone has paid cash AND used their insurance for the same medication in recent months/weeks, it is just as likely because of a PHARMACIST’s actions as it is the customers.

      I went over all this information in replying to another one of your misinformed, judgmental replies but I’ll try again to reach you and others who think along your lines and try to help you understand the gravity of the situation in the real world outside of your pharm box.

      1- Indies, even the crooked ones, are most likely NOT OPEN VERY LATE. For those that still maintain employment and work a 9-5 when exactly are they supposed to go to the local independent (if there are any left in their town/city/county)? Doctors aren’t there to verify Rx on Sat or Sun so…….
      It is easy to judge, I wont step foot in a WAGS or CVS on principle, but as one of Steve’s posters revealed recently sometimes there isn’t much choice, esp in FL where NOBODY is taking new customers for scheduled meds. You can continue to put your head in the sand an blame the patient OR start looking a little more closely from another’s perspective. Maybe you shouldn’t consider every Rx filled in another county or at another pharmacy or after doctor’s office hours as a ‘red flag’.

      Doctors you’ve never heard of? Wish this was the only case which prompts the new ‘not comfortable’ excuse’,
      I’m quite CERTAIN that EVERY PHARMACIST in my area knows the MAJOR MEDICAL CENTER where I receive care [5+ yrs now] and have biopsy proven and blood tested confirmation of two systemic autoimmune diseases. I am disabled due to all organs/systems that are affected by them.
      I take quite a few medications both scheduled and non-scheduled. I can’t imagine why or how anyone, let alone someone in the health system, could not understand that having one’s own immune system destroy their own body at the cellular level cannot be painful!!! So no there is NO question of my being legit BUT even as a regular customer for years pf one pharmacy, my Rx and business was turned away on the day of throat SURGERY no less. This was W/OUT a call to my surgeon, the hospital, my pain management clinic, or the insurance company.

      The Rx was dropped off so my girlfriend could take me home (3 day rest, no talking, liquid/soft food only) after discharge and she returned to pick it up.
      She had food and other Rx to pick up there so didn’t fill @ hospital pharmacy). She was LIED TO REPEATEDLY by PIC and told my insurance wouldn’t cover (never mentioned cash option), I may take too much APAP if I took the 5/325 hydrocodone Rx from surgeon along w/ my 10/325 from my PM doc. (We both have a college degree so adding up APAP shouldn’t have been an obstacle, if so call the doctor to change it). When she came home w/out it being filled I called the pharmacy and was given all the aforementioned BS and got her to give me the real reason (I wasn’t even supposed to be talking hours after throat surgery) What was the real reason? Apparently in her new role of practicing medicine w/out a license, it was of her opinion that I was already on enough pain meds and didn’t need any more! The massive temporary increase of hydrocodone in question? 1 Rx w/ no refills for 5/325, #30 !!!

      SO, instead of putting people down by suggesting they want 15 min of fame (in case you didn’t watch the video in question, the customer is never shown on camera) and assuming they are a-holes (I think the man did a good job keeping his cool under the circumstances as it was rather obvious the pharmacist was having trouble giving a valid reason, until he finally said he wasn’t ‘comfortable’.
      -Keeper of the drugs and doesn’t have to fill? That’s a good one Billy. Not according to Pharmacist Steve. If the Rx is legit and for a documented condition, etc, etc and barring allergy or interaction contraindications they DO have to fill the Rx or they are not in compliance w/ their contract between the pharmacy and the insurance provider. If we pay premiums for this service (Part D is NOT FREE) and are turned away, this is fraud and in cases where the pill counter turned DEA agent refuses to fill, he/she needs to be reported. Check out the thread on this site about discrimination under ADA.

      Out of county? Seriously? W/ my rare autoimmune disease(s) I have to go out of STATE to receive care. One of my diagnosis comes from John Hopkins arguably one of the best hospitals in the country but not good enough for some pill counters it seems. As a pharmacist you must know that you CAN fill an Rx from any state you so desire, there is no law against it. So that one doesn’t wash either, I’ve had my schedule II pain med filled by a CARING pharmacist/pharmacy several times when my appt dates didn’t match up w/ my fill dates and I couldn’t fill @ medical center ‘early’.

      Pharmacy hopping? Prices can vary considerably for the same meds whether scheduled or not. I use THREE pharmacies and throw out ‘red flags’ like crazy. YOU wouldn’t feel comfortable filling my scheduled meds but they all have valid reasons behind them. MAYBE you shouldn’t be so judgmental. Stop objectifying your customer base (they essentially pay your salary), calling them a-holes, and make so many assumptions that are obviously out of your scope of experience as a practitioner and patient.
      While there are scammers out there you have to have been living under a rock not to notice that incidents like this are affecting legitimate patients in far too many cases. Many of those, like myself are very sick disabled citizens. If they are thrown into w/drawal and their pain left untreated they can suffer not only a withdrawal but sometimes a fatal medical crisis from rapid increase in blood pressure and/or increase in disease activity.

      Thank god for good caring pharmacists like Steve and the current pharmacist that I feel fortunate to have on my side.

      It is people like yourself that give pharmacists a bad name.

      Last gasp here to all the profiling, power happy, control freak pharmacists. When a disabled patient must call the medical center’s patient advocacy/assistance line and then speak directly to the director of the hospital’s pharmacy in order to receive their medication just because they filled at another pharmacy the previous 2 months (ok’d by PM doctor) the response to this ‘epidemic’ (smokescreen IMO) has obviously gone beyond the pale. There are enough restrictions in place. Dont believe me? Just check out the addict sites (google black market pain med prices) and you will see all the complaints about the shortage of ‘Roxies’ and the obscene prices now being charged for them.

      Maybe you should try to ease up on being the sole judge, jury, and executioner over the less fortunate. You even may end up with chronic pain yourself. Repetitive motions, such as continually patting yourself on the back after revealing your infinite wisdom to ignorant patients in pain, could lead to bursitis, rotator cuff injury, etc.

      • wow, coon… that’s a lot of words for someone who has so little to say. maybe if you can’t find an honest pharmacist to fill your rx’s it says something about you and not about them.

        • @ William
          You know Billy, the problem w/ being a know-it-all is that you can never learn ANYTHING. At the risk of you gaining some perverse pleasure out of this I can say that today I was turned away from filling my Rx for a whopping 120 methadone tablets. Now, Mr authority on all that is legit by cursory glance, lets see how much you think THIS experience tells about ME and my ability to find an honest pharmacist to fill my prescriptions. Your words not mine.
          (I am sure you will find some way to turn this around and blame the disabled patient but here goes).

          I took my Rx (and request for two refills for non-controls) downstairs to the Reid Bldg pharmacy @ Baptist Medical Center in Jacksonville FL. The tech tells me they are currently out of that medication that they expect to have it in on Monday, I reply that it doesn’t do me any good MON as I live in GA but if she wanted to help to please place a call to the main hospital pharmacy and see if they have any in stock, After scurrying back to talk to the PIC, she informs me that they wont call over there for that med and if they had it they wouldn’t fill it for me.

          (Before you get on your out-of-state to FL bashing let me share this, found here@ http://www.baptistjax.com/about-us

          *Our health system is distinguished by four key pillars:
          [incl] Community-focused
          We exist for one reason: to serve the health care needs of people in Northeast Florida and Southeast GEORGIA……..

          Also of interest, their pharmacies are open to the public.
          When I presented the Rx to the tech at the main hospital pharmacy she went and got the PIC-a Mr Michael Brooks. He preceded to tell me that he refuses to fill my Rx because they keep their Sched II meds for patients of doctors in the hospital and I would need to fill at the Reid Building where the Rx was written. I inform him that they are out and that I have been a patient of the medical center for 5+yrs of doctors located both in the main hospital bldg and other bldgs.on their medical campus. He informs me that it is a hospital rule and he wont fill it.

          He also claimed that the DEA puts a limit on how many doses he can order. I told him I am not ignorant that the DEA’s stance (officially at least) and official statement is that they do not to stand in the way of legitimate patients receiving their legit medications nor set limits on how many units pharmacies and hospitals can order. I asked him to cut the BS and show me the rule in writing. Nocando. He asked if he needed to call someone. I told him to feel free to call whoever he wanted that I wanted to get his story down while it was fresh in my mind. I was off to the side and not holding up any line for drop offs or pickups. He scurries off while I continue to write down. He comes back and I ask him if he was aware that he was not fulfilling his contract with BC/BS by denying me a medication clearly written in their formulary (which I had on hand for him to peruse).

          I asked if he was aware that as an in network provider for my insurance company, for which I pay a premium, I expect him to honor this Rx. Nocando. I told him I wish it hadn’t come to this but he was forcing me to file a grievance w/ CMS, BC/BS, FL BOP, and the board of directors of Baptist Medical Center. He told me I could do whatever I wanted he wasn’t going to fill it. I finished documenting everyone’s name position, time, excuses given, reasons for not filling etc. I asked once again if this was the story he was going to stick to then took my leave.

          When I asked the PIC at the first pharmacy when it was exactly that they ran out of methadone she told me she didn’t know and did not have to tell me. I told her it was going to come out eventually after I filed a complaint but she still refused.

          NOW how much does that say about ME billyboy?

          I present an RX by a doctor affiliated w/ their hospital, (you can see his smiling mug on their website too) located on their medical campus less than 2 blocks from the main Medical Cnter, referred to me by THEIR RHEUMATOLOGY DEPT, in 2010 no less, and still stone-walled.

          No apologies. No advice or help on finding somewhere to fill it (they have 7 pharmacy locations in Jax), Just turned me away for all he knows to do the pharmacy crawl for the rest of the weekend, I might add that I last filled an Rx for methadone at the Reid Bldg pharmacy on Oct 6 so it was day 32 on a 30 day Rx no less. *[To be fair I filled the month before on day 28, mo before day 31, mo before day 28 so there was no question of an ‘early’ fill or inappropriate Rx or an unknown doctor, all your reasons why patients (disabled citizens, regular pharmacy customers, and long time patients of a major hospital no less) are turned away.

          I have never failed a UDS or pill count. Never missed an appt, Never called for early refills. I have never even been more than a few minutes late in 4+ yrs at the PM clinic).

          I called a pharmacy in GA that I have frequented for several years. Thankfully they had it in stock and said I could pick up SAT. This was a near miss and could have landed me in deep caca. The doctors don’t want you to have ‘extra’ meds on hand so when you have a few days held back, instead of asking you to bring your Rx bottle w/ you, they expect you to make your next appt for over 30 days (hence day 32 fill[now 33] Pharmacists don’t want you to fill ‘early’ but then have no problems w/ expecting you to go through w/drawal, increased pain, blood pressure, anxiety, etc. when they don’t have it in.
          This can be very dangerous even life threatening for someone w/ systemic disease(s) states.

          Thankfully they had it in stock and said I could pick up SAT. This was a near miss and could have landed me in deep caca. The doctors don’t want you to have ‘extra’ meds on hand so when you have a few days held back, instead of asking you to bring your Rx bottle w/ you, they expect you to make your next appt for over 30 days (hence day 32 fill[now 33] Pharmacists don’t want you to fill ‘early’ but then have no problems w/ expecting you to go through w/drawal, increased pain, blood pressure, anxiety, etc. when they don’t have it in.
          This can be very dangerous even life threatening for someone w/ systemic disease(s) states.

          NOW bright guy, how does this reflect poorly on ME?
          Why am I and other disabled citizens treated worse than some convicted felons who are out on parole?

          I wish pharmacists like you would actually grow a pair to replace your little raisins. Quit cowering from the DEA, disrespecting the disabled, and fill legitimate prescriptions for crisake. Do your JOB, you are a wee bit short on qualifications when it comes to playing god. Finally-

          Why are you a pharmacist? You obviously have disdain for those you are supposed to be helping. Maybe you’ve become jaded, I hate to think you’ve been this way your whole life, maybe you just need a new line of work. .

    • LOL, this is like a security guard that thinks hes a cop. Just because federal ADA and civil rights laws have not been enforced; in due time they will, esp when a patient dies from legit pain med being denied. This pharmacist is the type of person where it does not matter how respectful a customer is, if he feels impotent to be sadistic; he will create false justifications.

      Ones like this will end up having to be accessed to be mentally fit for the profession. People like this usually abuse family members, also. As mentally unstable, abuse with their false justifications and false sense of grandeur; it is like an addict with a temporary high.

      Talk about violating professional codes of conduct with calling one a coon even, which also is aggressive discrimination. Ones like this have anger issues, are very volatile, and crave attn. Yet, they project as it is part of the manipulation power play to create victims, afraid to speak up, and to create guilt and shame.

      Identifying as a licensed professional mandates that codes of conduct be adherred, and just like attorneys can be barred for public violations of professional conduct, so can other types of professionals. This tantrum and disdain is only the beginning of the real time behaviors and disturbingly there are many red flags that can even profile a rapist or serial killer, child abuser, domestic violence, etc., we have found.

      We are not assuming this, we are just alerting the public to be aware of their surroundings; and to always put safety first.

      Research shows that the sick and disabled are abused with iolence at way higher rates then the non disabled, esp females. He is the KEEPER of the meds vs the dispensor. A sadist is the KEEPER of the heart meds for the elderly mother vs the caretaker. A sadist father is the keeper of the food for the children, and even though, legally a parent must feed the child; the sadist faults the child for not giving him enough perfect attn and respect. Everyone under the sadist eith needs dependant is a bad boy or bad girl, unless he decides to say otherwise and he enjoys the desperate waiting of the one starving for a basic life need and it makes him feel not impotent, temporary with a high.

      We are not naming any he, and th pronoun, she, can be interchanged in the profiling of sadistic persons. This type, aware ones have already suffered, enjoy further baiting as incidents can escalate to victims begging for mercy. The empathy of a normal person is absent. The more the victim/ suffering is upset and hurting, the more powerful the sadist feels. There is no convincing the sadist.

      Fame is alot different than having to decide to document an injustice occurring in a private need that one would prefer to keep private. Keep bowing down, give him attn, and you might be receiving favortism as another victim is scapegoated. This is the further power play of these types.

      In the sadist mind, all of you have been bad and must have done something wrong, no matter how sick and dangerous to deny your medicine.

      There is a special task force that is monitoring pharmacists for the current climate has enabled ones to think they can get away with escalating forms of violence upon the disabled they feel are easy prey, esp as they suffer and the pharmacist has the legal medicines needed to lessen suffering and worsening of conditions.

      When you cross paths with one of these profiles on the internet and real life; make sure you tell others and date, document the incident. Denying legit medicines are a multitude of violations. Laws to protect can include other violations, including abuse or violence.

      The Quality and Safety Task Force

    • I can make another suggestion which is, next time you are refused instruct the pharmacist to contact law enforcement and file a complaint since he/she feels that your prescription is not legitimate. If the pharmacist refuses call the DEA or local law enforcement then you can do it and report yourself and your doctor. Once the investigation is complete and there is no evidence indicating the prescription is not legitimate then you can insist that the pharmacist be prosecuted for filing a false police report. It is then up to you and your attorneys as to how far you want to proceed, but in my opinion you should have a very good civil case when the police clear you and your doctor. If several of us began to do this many pharmacists would lose their jobs and maybe their licenses for refusing to fill prescriptions,. I believe it is time to fight back with all means available. If pharmacist’s don’t want to do their jobs maybe we should help them sit at home without a career.


  8. Uhhh!!

  9. Well OMG! Can you believe this? Just because he lives in that pharmacy area but hadn’t tried that particular place. Which I’m sure he did try many before this one, because he is being refused ALL over town!! Travelling several counties to fill, praying to get the damn thing filled before he runs out completely!.
    In which it does get worse the further you go.., His doctor is in Tallahassee, this is big deal? So Freakin’ WHAT?? BTW, There aren’t good pain doctors on every corner of town anymore!! Where are OUR RIGHTS????
    Well.. People do travel. They have sales jobs.. Patients see specialists in other towns or areas, patients have family that they visit in other areas…
    ALSO.. Example: There are tons of hair dressers right? Well they all aren’t all good! We choose them on who does our hair the best!
    We have are supposed to HAVE CHOICES in USA to have a freedom to choose where we want to spend our money!!
    This is such BULLSHIT!! Discrimination at it’s finest!

    Something has to give here!! WTF?? My son has severe Lyme disease with tons of co-infections, mycoplasma, biofilms, etc.. so much that not even regular doctors even understand, because it’s so complex!!

    I am so sorry!! These pharmacists have NO place to being called a healthcare provider at least NOT in FL!! NO LIAR should be considered a healthcare provider!! They are breaking ONE of the first ten commandments!! Lying from any healthcare person is very wrong!!
    These pharmacists have lost all creditability In MY EYES!! LYING and it’s ok??

    This poor guy is going to be forced into a great deal of increased pain, HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE! AND?? Un necessary withdraws!!

    I am SO PISSSEED!! WE NEED a GOOD ATTORNEY TO DO A CLASS ACTION!! I get more pissed off at each and everyone of these I see!

    Please??? KEEP these coming!! PEOPLE? PATIENTS? CAREGIVERS?? These pharmacists are basically saying that your doctors are STUPID, and DO NOT know what they are doing!! you’re RX’s YOU have written are NOT being honored!! YOU should be PISSED!!
    My GOD, the doctors need to start seeing this! They need to start SUING the SHIT out these pharmacies!

    Thanks Steve for continuing to post these. 🙂 GRRrrr!!! I can not stand any of them!! now??? because of a few of them?? It has ruined the profession, just as a few addicts has ruined lives of LEGIT pain patients!! NO difference!!

    • Yes, Donna, thank God for Steve, who has the integrity and courage, as a dedicated pharmacist of 44 yrs to help us get this travesty out there.

  10. It is very ridiculous that pharmacists are falling prey to this mentality, whether it’s because of corporate or because of some other hang up.

    We need to get rid of the DEA, the source of the hysteria

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