Apparently the availability of Heroin in Indianapolis is not a problem..

Indiana’s Attorney General Greg Zoeller’s BITTER PILL PROGRAM

working at  its best..  THREE HEROIN OVERDOSES PER DAY

Here is how the chain drugs stores in Indianapolis are complicit in this program

Isn’t this what we call TORTURE.. if we did it to those terrorist who want to kill us ?

Indiana is also near the top for the number of pharmacy robberies and meth lab busts…

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  1. Applying typical drug warrior logic to this problem? If citizens are banned from using public restrooms then problem’s solved.
    More arrests for urinating in public and indecent exposure? A minor inconvenience, just remember it’s for the children’s sake while you sit in traffic ‘holding it’ til you get home.

  2. The whole set of articles never once mentioned chronic pain patients or whether any of the busted heroin addicts are chronic pain patients. But they DO say 80% of first time busted heroin users say they started their addiction to heroin with addiction to prescription pain pills. And the heroin users said eventually it was cheaper to buy the heroin than to buy the prescription pain pills from the dealers on the street. So it stills goes back to what a failure the drug war is, just like alcohol prohibition was in the 20s/30s and gun control. Those who REALY REALLY want it for nefarious reasons are going to find a way to get it. Restrictions are only going to HARM the law biding users

  3. This is just the beginning of a heroin epidemic with overdoses that’s here to stay when pain medications are withheld from suffering people in chronic pain. Most will do anything to stop the suffering. Everyone has forgotten or don’t care what its like to suffer with no relief in sight.
    So everyone that thought the pain pill epidemic was bad just wait till more and more people overdose on heroin, reason is pain sufferers don’t know how pure it is and its everywhere to be bought and cheap in price and filthy.

    Myself I would never inject anything period no matter how bad I’m suffering from ongoing ,never ending chronic pain.

    I hope all you anti – opioid zealots are happy ,I don’t know where all this hatred comes from, you big bunch of idiots. I wouldn’t wish chronic pain upon anyone but all of you opioid haters need to spend a week in my shoes, I would love to see the look on your faces when you cant do anything about the ongoing pain.

    When anti – opioid zealots open the door to hatred you let the devil in , with that comes disease, theft , greed , mistrust and eventually death.

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