How low can you go…

Walgreens Challenges CVS in the Race to the Bottom – But No Individuals are Accountable!

Dr.Daniel A. Hussar … calls it like he sees it… could not have said it better…


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  1. I think that whole article is crap! I do not believe that there is a significant problem with prescription drug diversion. If you read the article, you will find the DEA, in most instances, is talking about record keeping. How much nit-picking did the DEA do? We don’t know what criteria the DEA used to make a judgment about these records. Could something like a lack of a physcians DEA not being put on the rx by the pharmacist be counted? What if the pharmacist failed to add the physicians address to a telephoned rx? There are lots of tiny, insignificant things that the DEA could have nit-picked. Naturally the folks at the top of Walgreens and CVS are going to ‘cave’ to the DEA. It does not mean that all this, supposed drug problem with pharmacies, is true or accurate. It simply means that Walgreens and CVS executives just wanted to get the DEA off their backs.

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