Here is a interesting picture..


This car belongs to a RPh that works for the largest chain pharmacy/PBM… in a part of the country where these RPh’s are in a union..

Those lines on the car .. are not reflections… nor some substance – like soap… the car’s paint has been “keyed”  or scratched with something

sharp… and probably a couple of thousand dollars of damage…

I don’t know if it is a coincidence that after this particular RPH filed a complaint with the National Labor Relations Commission… .. while the car  was park at the pharmacy while the RPH worked a 13 hr shift..  It has also been stated that at least this particular location doesn’t have any video camera in the parking area.. and/or in the area where employees park.

Talk about a union/guild has been on the upswing…  I can only speculate, but if a employee files a complaint with the NLRC… who – other than  the employee would know that the complaint was filed… the company and the union ?

Since such vandalism has not happened previously to this RPH’s car.. makes one wonder…

We all know that this particular chain/PBM… always takes the “high road” and never stoops to threats and intimidation to get employees to “get in line “.. with the wishes of the company..

Isn’t this country great.. where you can freely express your opinions.. without fear of retribution !

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  1. I think the lines on the car spell “N l r”, as in “National labor relations”. Coincidence???

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