Here is another EPIDEMIC… chain pharmacists… JUST SAYING NO to filling controlled Rxs

Sir I’ve been trying To get my prescription  filled,, but the pharmacy keeps turning it down  C V S, Walgreens,  and Walmart.. I’m a amputee with Fandom  pain and constant burning, plus on  Dialysis 3 times a week.. I’ve been on my pain killers for over 5 years and now they don’t want to give them to me. What options do I have.  please  Help me

Are we drifting back to the “Reagan years” ? Maybe the spirit of Nancy Reagan is haunting many that have a pharmacy/pharmacist license.  This woman is from Texas and I wonder why people keep going back to chain stores ? Do they like to be abused and intimidated ?

Once again here is website that will help “abused chain pts” to find a independent pharmacy

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  1. I use to get my pain meds at Walmart til about 2 years ago when I was told that I could only have a week supply out of the new prescription of 120 norco. I got my hard copy right back and walked out never to return to Walmart pharmacy again. Of course they said it would only be for the first prescription then after that they’d fill it as ordered. So who in their right mind would say ok to that? It would have been 3 week’s of agonizing suicidal hell for me. No thanks! Shame on Walmart!

  2. That’s all that’s left!! There are no more independent pharmacies!! Get a clue!

    • Being CLUELESS seems to be on your end… I have belonged to the National Community Pharmacists Association for 37 yrs and they represent independent pharmacies/pharmacists and they claim that there are about 20,000 independent pharmacies still open and operating. They may not be in your area… especially if you live in a larger metropolitan area… since many tend to be in smaller cities/towns where the chains can’t show a profit with a 15,000-20,000 sq ft store. In the small county that I live in – abt 80,000 population – we have FOUR INDEPENDENTS

  3. Independent pharmacies aren’t reimbursed adequately for controlled medicine, so they are refusing to fill them. The one I patronized, and had 4-5 non-controlled prescriptions with them as well as the scheduled ones, poorly informed its customers that they will stop filling scheduled meds. Two more independents turned me away. If the independent pharmacies are now throwing us under the bus, where do we go?

    • one of the PBM’s that are poorly reimbursing independents is CAREMARK – which is part of CVS Health.. so their competitor is determining how much profit – or losses – the independent makes and then when they get drive them out of business CVS is ready to buy up their inventory and take their Rx files… and then they can control what med those pts use to get from the independent.. but… Insurance companies were made EXEMPT from Sherman Antitrust by our wonderful Congress with the McCarran Ferguson Act… so what is illegal and considered anti competitive practices for the rest of the business world is perfectly legal for them to do.

  4. They are getting harder to find,but I drive a 1/2 hour to go to my “mom n pop” pharmacy I REFUSE to go to CVS,WALGREENS.WALMART or any “BIG Pharmacy” You go there your asking for abuse. The problem is these ins.companies are making patients use “BIG PHARMACIES” I dont understand how they are allowed to do that.

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