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  1. I have not watched the Doctor’s show in years. Why?

    As the fake “Opioid Crisis” gained steam and multitudes of people in the cpp community were being “yanked” off their opioids, I wrote to the “Doctors TV Show”. I pointed out the fallacies of the opioid crisis and how so many were suffering with untreated pain and some committing suicide. I told them that as TV personalities in the medical field, they were in the perfect position to discuss these issues and bring the truth to the American public.

    I am one of those people who hates having to be in the public spot light. But, I even volunteered to appear on their show as a knowledgeable chronic pain patient to present the patient’s side of the “Untreated Pain Crisis” in this country.

    I received no answer to my letter. The Doctors TV Show essentially “buried its head in the sand” when it came to chronic pain and the suffering of the cpp community. Their medical oaths wasn’t worth a pile of dog droppings when it came to a choice of making money, or risking their spotless TV personas by getting involved with, and supporting, the cpp community. They did not want to present the truth to the public about the abuse of chronic pain patients because the show ratings came first. The need to maintain high ratings even trumped their ability to show compassion and empathy for those in pain. They lost their humanity for a few dollars and the desire to stay in the “politically correct arena” while ignoring the suffering, pain, and death going on around them.

    • They are only in it for the money, the don’t give a dam about people,
      Same with most doctors. They get annoyed if you have something
      They can’t fix so they push you off to another specialist.

      If doctors really cared more of them would be standing up for people
      Like us.

    • Yes. That is what they all did. But their greed will lead them down any road, even the right one. I have thought about how we could make our tragedy profitable for the dirty dogs…

      • F1 Rocket Engine,
        Sounds very interesting, your idea of moving the bait station to a new location.
        Anything specific in mind? The kings law is of no concern.
        Let’s all brainstorm on this.

  2. Oh crap!

  3. No SHIT!

    • indeed. How is it that these head-slappingly obvious things fly right over doctors’ heads? Or is it just that they make lotsa $$$ & don’t give a rip (that’s my bet).

      I’ve regretted getting steroid injections in my SI joints for over 10 years. They sure didn’t improve my lower back problems.

      • So sorry. That is right. For the common MD the trauma of med school and internship causes them to never pick up a book again or go outside of what is now, for them, a ‘safe zone’.
        Some “Doctors” are not Doctors at all.

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