Government officials in West Virginia, DEA agent Guy McCartney and FBI agent Matt Eagles falsely praised

Government officials in West Virginia, DEA agent Guy McCartney and FBI agent Matt Eagles falsely praised

An article published in October 2020, on “the voice of Morgantown, WAJR” entitled, “Area law enforcements honored” mentions how FBI agent Matt Eagles, and DEA agent Guy McCartney, were honored by U.S. Attorney Bill Powell, for, amongst other things, bringing me down. It mentions how the investigation started in 2015, and how they reviewed over 600,000 documents, and included healthcare fraud. What is comical is that yes, they literally harassed thousands of patients. These patients were threatened not to tell me, but they did. I would get about 7 calls a day. One patient commented on how some “suit” forced themselves into their home and tried to get them to testify against me. They did not ask questions, they were told what to do and say. They were trying to coerce some of the female patents into saying that I made sexual advances at them. WOW! All it would have taken was one disgruntled women to put me away for life! But kudos to these women, they held their ground. We are talking thousands. But the agents failed to get anyone to say this.

They spent thousands of hours and millions of dollars looking for insurance fraud. They raided my home–which my autistic son witnessed–as well as all of my offices. Recall that they raided the infusion companies that I used dozens of times, spent millions assuming that I was getting financial kick backs, but failed to show proof. When the indictments came down, this was not part of the indictment because they failed. But yet they are getting praised for this? Praised for what? Being stupid morons?

They also tried to accuse me of illegally billing for urine drug screens. They failed on this. Literally lied.

Despite reviewing 600,000 records, harassing hundreds into testifying against me, they only convinced 2 to testify against me, and had to bring in six witnesses that had nothing to do with anything. One of the latter testified that I cursed at her and stomped my foot in anger. That was it. A criminal action if I ever heard one. The jury bought it, but the appellate court literally called this action a disgrace. Note that we were supposed to have oral arguments, but the appellate court said they were not needed because this “piling on” of witnesses was a disgrace. Yet, these guys are praised as heroes. For what, their efforts to bring down a Hispanic male physician?

What was comical to me as well was how they accused me of having about 800 patients who failed drug screens. OK? I reviewed every one of these charts which took me a week. Not only were they not part of the indictment, but the opioids were stopped in all of them. These were younger patients with real issues, but they were not deathly ill, so I referred them out to pain clinics. As the appellate court said, “piling on”.

When all was said and done, they imprisoned me literally for the false accusation of calling an epileptic with abnormal EEG and dozens of witnessed seizures an epileptic and stated she was passing out due to oxycodone 10 mg three times a day. I was incarcerated 48 months for this, which doesn’t surprise me since I am a Hispanic male practicing in West Virginia. Jury bought it, but not the appellate court.

So, I guess this is how the governing bodies in West Virginia do things. You are guilty if we don’t like you no matter what, and we will give praises and awards regardless of outcome to those that hurt you and your family even if falsely accused. To me this personifies not just arrogance, but stupidity. This is the foundation of racism and bigotry, which is what the governing officials here, I guess, are all about. Kudos to the people of West Virginia for not being coerced into causing me the harm that they wanted to cause, such as being accused of being a rapist. The story of how Heather Bresch, the daughter of Joseph Manchin lied about an educator at WVU to get a powerful position at Mylan personifies how the governing body in West Virginia does things ( It defies all logic how, despite the fact that she got caught, not only did she get the position anyway, but still holds that position. Under her watch, millions were harmed due to the whole epipen controversy but she continues to live a lavish life in Sewickly, Pennsylvania and continues as CEO of Mylan. If she would have been a physician, she would have been in prison for life.. You have to see her home!

Felix Brizuela
About the Author Felix Brizuela

Born in Cuba, Felix moved to New Jersey when he was two years old. He played football and wrestled for Rutgers University. He graduated medical training at the now-named Rowan School of Osteopathic Medicine and did his residency in neurology. His medical practice was located in Morgantown, WV and Connellsville, PA. He has teaching experience, serving as department chair at Temple University and teaching attendant at the West Virginia school of Osteopathic Medicine. He has done investigative studies with epilepsy and multiple sclerosis and served as chief investigator for a study of postpolio syndrome and chronic fatigue. He was also a chief investigator in a study involving the use of intravenous gamma globin for the treatment of chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy, entitled “Ivig and cidp, dose matters”. The paper was presented at a poster presentation in France. He has lectured overseas on the topic of cidp and immune neuropathy.

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