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  1. oh my god. this may be worse than the billboard that Oregon put up last year, which screamed “YOUR DOCTOR WANTS TO TURN YOU INTO AN ADDICT!”

    As for voting, I sincerely wish someone would give me some names of people to vote for who haven’t swallowed the Koolaid & leaped on the hysteria propaganda bandwagon. One name. Anyone, any party. I know of exactly one potential pol who came to chronic pain rallies, showed up & spoke at meetings of the Oregon Task Farce*, who actually understood & stood up for us. He was an Indy candidate for governor & dropped out of the race due to lack of money & no hope of being elected.

    Who the heck is there to vote for?

    * that’s about to pass the most draconian pain med ban in the country

  2. I agree with Mark and Stacey on this one!
    Yeah, just watch if people vote or vote at all.
    Politicians must know every citizen is being affected. I’m sure there’s a lot of angry Americans who are seeing for themselves suffering . Surgery numbers have to be down.
    I even wonder how plastic surgeons are making money? It’s had to hit them square in the face.

  3. PROPaganda.

  4. They are really reaching into their bag of fake facts on this one. Makes me angry everytime I see it! I wonder how these politicians are going to feel when this all bllows up and they are faving EVERY VOTER for this genocide!

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