Follow the “Pied Piper” …

One RPH has evolved into  a modern day “Pied Piper”… It all began a little over two years ago… Joe Zorek was a RPH/PIC at a CVS store… and had worked for the predecessor that CVS bought out… some 42 years in the same town. He was summarily discharged for refusing to “fill faster” .. and put pt’s health/safety at risk.

There has been  other RPH’s that have met similar outcomes… not just with CVS …but.. with some/most of all the major chains… Many RPh’s not being outright discharged …but… demoted to the “float pool” and assigned to work stores 1-2 hr drive each way after working 12-14 hr days… and after a while.. they seem to just “disappear” from the float pool…. being in the float pool… few other staff members notice when the RPH is no longer around- ANYWHERE !

Normally, RPH’s just tuck their head and walk away.. but.. not Joe..  it all started out slowly… talking to some attorneys.. and engaging a multi-attorney law firm. In the interim …there was a small trickle of other RPH’s contacting Joe and his law firm…

Just a month ago.. the FEDERAL LAWSUIT was filed against CVS and Tim Martin of the Wall Street Journal picked up on the story

The number of RPH’s that are reaching out to Joe and his law firm.. has exploded… coming forward with “tons” of documentation of all the “wrong doings” of the chains. There is an estimated 2000 more RPH’s graduating this year than there is demand..  If you notice an increasing number of <30 y/o PIC’s, PDM’s and DM’s… then there is probably a surge of corporate culture of a younger work force..

While all too many Senior RPH’s are still in a state of denial… when they find themselves being shuttle out of the door… then they will be willing to follow the Pied Piper.

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  1. Joe is my HERO!

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