FL Pharmacist: it’s my clinical opinion you are on too much medication- l am not comfortable filling this prescription !

Perhaps you can help with this relatively new practice of pharmacists in FL.  It just started occurring over the last month or so, where a patient who has been going to the same pharmacy for years, suddenly out of nowhere and without reason, the pharmacist is stating, “l am not comfortable filling this prescription”. Another arbitrary statement is ,”…it’s my clinical opinion you are on too much medication” ( or something to that effect).
I don’t believe FL has passed any new laws unless l may have missed it to cause this sudden change in behavior?  It’s really bad because the pharmacy will not tell you whether or not they have your medication in stock and then if they do they won’t fill it.  Just recently l had a script sent to CVS the guy said he had to order it, yet it was filled a day prior to him telling me that. I don’t know what we are suppose to do anymore (CPPs).  Do you have any suggestions? This is happening all over FL, not just to me.
Thanks for your help.

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  1. Obviously the powers that be assured our prescribers and pharmacists, in some way, that resistance is futile.

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