FDA seeks comments on in-home disposal of opioids

What everyone seems to ignore is that all the opioids that pts take… are metabolized many times into another opioid (active metabolite ) and it is excreted into our sewer system, via the urine or feces. If all people threw down the toilet all unused meds, it is highly unlikely to even add one part per million or billion – however, that is measured. As the old saying goes, this is much to do about nothing.

FDA seeks comments on in-home disposal of opioids


Through Aug. 28, the FDA has issued an opportunity to solicit public comments and gather information to help its assessment of in-home disposal methods of opioids. (Currently, the FDA has not decided whether to expand its Opioid Analgesic Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy to include in-home disposal products.) Do you think comments will be logged and forgotten? Not necessarily. Last June, NCPA submitted comments to FDA officials on its proposed program regarding mail-back envelopes and education on safe disposal with opioid analgesics. In April 2023, FDA announced that it was requiring manufacturers of opioid analgesics dispensed in outpatient settings to make prepaid mail-back envelopes available to outpatient pharmacies and other dispensers as an additional opioid analgesic disposal option for patients. It’s a win for patient safety (not to mention government receptiveness).

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  1. 1st,any medicine is legal,when obtained from my medical doctor, and i bought and paid for it,,its mine,,,,not the dea,not the cdc,,,i paid for it.2nd to Steve point,,i metabolize benadyrl to methadone,I metabolize Sudafed to ??? illegal,,and methadone they claim popps positive for morphine…now thats in their cheap urine test..U take that pee to a gas spectro,,,,NONE OF THAT FALSE POSITIVE CRAP HAPPENS,,u KNOW THOSE URINE PEE TEST,,, are soooooo wrong,,,sooooo many times..U can literally drop a coca leaf in a cup of water,and it will popp positive for benzolecgonine w/out a drop of pee,,,,What not even my Doctor knew those pee test DO NOT specifically test for the drug,,they test for the chemical ,”formula,or element,” similar to the drug,,which is why,,u can drink a cup of coca tea,and test positive for benzoylecgonine,,,the government ,”plant enzyme,” ie their metabolite,they claim is cocaine.Or why we can take a Sudafed and it popps for a speeder per sae..JMO any pain patient,,i would demand ,,,,since my life depended on it,,Gas spectro for all pee testing,,Cause if your going to take my ability to live life,,u better be right!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. In the unlikely scenario that I would have “extra” pain meds, I would dispose of them the exact same way that I dispose of non-opioid meds. I mix them in with USED kitty litter and throw it away!

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