Beware of facades and false prophets

Another Happy Advocate

Somehow she blames me for losing a “friend” because she attacked me, Shasta & our Organization. Trying to spread false accusations & defame us ALL BECAUSE we are actively engaging an advocacy campaign for our community

This is not normal human behavior. This person messages me claims that I caused them to lose friends. Meanwhile I was ASLEEP, minding my own business and taking care of my own life when she took it upon herself to bash me & take to DM’s to tell people lies about me and stay away from me.

Unfortunately this is not the only person that suddenly seems to be on a mission to tell everybody NOT to engage in our Calls to Action.

Organizations & individuals that tell you not to share your feelings with your Lawmakers is a big red flag 🚩

While we are openly critical of other organizations, for being dishonest with the public, we also never tell people who they can, and cannot advocate with. We just want you to know what the organizations stand for before you make that decision. Because we’ve seen a lot of people be told that organization stand for trying to restore access to opioids, and all of their work is actually to help get rid of the opioids. You should be able to choose what organization represents your values, and work with them, without being harassed by other people .

I have even been told that some people are afraid to participate in a call to action because of a woman that has been terrorizing this community for years, a woman that will remain nameless because I don’t want her to bother me

Again, this is a red flag. You should not be afraid to participate in a call to action because someone will “be angry”

Why would anybody be angry for you Advocating for your rights & doing something you believe in? Unless they are not being forthright about what they’re real problem is and what their real motives are themselves.

Always do what you believe in. Do not let other people, who you barely know online, tell you what you should and should not be doing.

If you ever have questions about what we’re doing and the goals and where we’re headed with our work you are encouraged to ask. I will always answer questions because I want you to understand what we’re doing. It’s important to me to help actually empower others. It’s the reason I started this organization. There was no other organization in the nation that did this work so I decided that we would become that organization. And over the years we have done so. There are other organizations doing work. But not the type of work conducted at CIAAG,  not the type of work that will help restore your access to Opioids. Most organizations are working on other issues, advocating for research dollars, and helping implement opioid sparing policies.

If you are interested in Advocating to get your rights to pain medicine restored, then you should stick with CIAAG. As that’s a primary mission of ours, to restore rational access to pain medications & fix the systems that have caused us to be so heavily abused and stigmatized.

If you want research or promoting complementary care, or want to participate in a sort of support group to share your feelings, then you have every right to do so! We just want to make sure you’re fully informed and not mislead by organizations that claim to be advocating to help restore rational access to opioids, when they are not.

Over the years, I’ve become a target as many people online. I actually don’t speak to most people and keep very close to Shasta only because of it. Yet I have so many people who make up outrageous accusations against me, all in an effort to STOP our advocacy from taking place.

This is not only unfair to me, because it sabotages my character, and makes people think I am some horrible monster that is so far from who I really am. But it hurts the entire community and goes out of their way to stop people from doing anything that might actually help them. They want you to keep telling your pain story over and over and over again so that other advocates can take your story and use it to change publichealth policy behind the scenes without even telling you what they’re trying to do. So when we say, don’t keep telling your pain story, it’s not because we want you not to talk. It’s because we don’t want you to be exploited and we want you to use your pain story to advocate for yourself. Don’t let other people use your story to make public health policies that will end up hurting. Also, lawmakers do not respond to pain stories. They respond to policy recommendations which is what we are focused on at CIAAG, fixing the policies that got us here which will in turn help restore the rational access we need.

As always, I’m accused of doing some sort of awful thing. But I’ve never done anything to anyone. If anything, I’ve had nothing but awful things done to me for six years now. By everyone I attempted to collaborate with in good faith (except for Shasta & the organization’s we have partnered with)

This is unfortunately just the way it is. But I want people to see it because I want them to be aware of what’s going on around them, I’m the online spaces in the event you come across it. We are running an organization, and one of the biggest things that we have up against us is our own community online working to spread false information and convince other people that it’s NOT a good idea to advocate. And that the best thing you could do is just tell your pain story and do nothing. Last I checked just telling your pain story over and over again is not gonna change public policy. What it will do is keep us perpetual victims to be used and abused by the people in power.

We want to make change so you do not suffer

It is easy for anyone to claim to be a chronic pain advocate and it easy for some to put up a façade as being a advocate.  Anyone who has been to Disney’s Hollywood studios and been on their back lot that some of it looks like the main street of a small town, but you open the door of the houses/stores on this street you will find there is nothing behind the door, maybe a outside storage area of misc stuff, not what it appears to be from the street 


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  1. ditto,,,did Steve write this??i too am a bit confused,,,However i do agree,,use your own mind,,do what you think is right for you….never ever accept/follow anyone you don’t want to,,,anotherwards,,,,,think for yourself,,,if its the message you like,,,,its not my place or anyones place to tell you HOW to think….Healthy conversation to get knowledge for yourself determinations is great,,,,but never ever let anyone TELL YOU how TO THINK,,,,WE ARE ADULTS,,, most of us older,,,,we have a god given right to self determination of our choosing, it is our bodies after all..For my self,,i tend to stay away from folks who ,”judge,” other physical pain,,,or who ,”judge” people on the $$$$$$$$$, ”status”,,,,basically people who ,”judge” others,,,because they think they have the right,too based e ,’their $$$$$ or higher education,,basically they think they have the right to judge others because of their ,”status,”,,ie,,,,for no-one has the right to decide what works for my body,,or how i write,,or don’t sometimes,,but basically i stay away from folks who get pleasure from hurting others just because they can,,not in defense,or think they have a right to based upon their false belief their ,”status,” allows them too,,,To me,,,,THAT IS EXACTLY the type of ,”group
    think,” that got us into this mess,,,a preconceive prejudice/judgement about people,,,in thee old days they were called bigots,,,,,I speak for myself here,,,i believe we all have a god given right,,,to self determination ,thus no-one has the right to decide for anyone,,what works ,for there not occupying that body,,Individual care,and private…I don’t advocate to be ,”liked,”,,or credit,I advocate because its wrong to torture any living entity by policed public policy from those who will never meet us or walk 1 foot in our shoes,,,thats it,,I advocate because what been done to us,,is wrong,,and ,”torture in the healthcare setting,” should of never been accepted by anyone,,,jmo,,maryw

    • I did not write this… it was share on the web by another chronic pain advocate – who did not write it either… It appears to be a commentary by a chronic pain pt that one or more advocate is/are not really doing any serious advocacy for pts in the community.

  2. I’m very confused. I don’t know who is the author here, much less who or what it is about. Could you summarize? What is the message?

    • This post showed up being shared by another chronic pain advocate that apparently a chronic pain pt wrote this of their experience with one or more people who claim to be a chronic pain advocate, but tends to be more disruptive within the community. NO names mention of who this advocate is, but many chronic pain pts within the community has reached out to me… indicating who the pain advocate that is being addressed in this web post

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