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  1. It is no secret,my thoughts on this kolodny,,,but to see it in writting always re-confirms what i believed alll along,,,This guy is dangerous,Thru his $$$,and his demented ARCHAIC ideology on addiction and forcing people with long term physically painful medical condition to suffer in agony,,for me,,he has committed thee worse preventable human atrocity of our age,he made ,”torture in the health care setting,” upon the medically ill in physical pain,”’legal,””Literally taking the atrocity committed in his psychiatric institution out onto the public,when all his psychiatric institutions were closed down for exactly what he now coercively does to all medically ill in physical pain,forcing them to suffer in agony,from a treatable condition,ie abuse.Physical pain from medical is 99.9999% treatable, and thru kolodny $$$$$ and words ,ie official diagnoses as a m.d.,he prescribed and diagnosed torture upon the weakest amongst us,the medically ill,sick,dying,children,and that has no place a HUMANE CIVILIZED SOCIETY,, and why jmo,I always will believe,FORCIBLE combining mental w/medical will always harm the medically ill thru delay in care,or worse death,from forced physical pain.No-one has the rite to decide how much forced physical pain another humanbeing should forcible endure,ever.Forwarded this Dr.Clements name and article to the folks I’m in contact with,/hoping to ends all this someday soon

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