Dr. Thomas Kline, MD, PhD: Medical Myths Revealed ENOUGH IS ENOUGH TIME TO ACT 02/28/20

Terrorism is fear engendered without clear reason. Medical terrorism started in 2016 with the unauthorized “voluntary” CDC guidelines now reviewed in detail by JATH, LLC and the results are startling.

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  1. If More People / Ignorant And Foolish Critics Were Aware Of The Fact That Our “Representatives” Got To Write Themselves & Families Out Of The ACT, I Believe That Their Obsession With The “Addiction” Issue Would Expand. The Media Is A Major Player And We Don’t Have The Option Of Access To Natural Pain Alleviating Plants Such As Coca Leaves, And Poppy Seeds. I Can’t Afford A Compounding Non GMO Pharmacy. The System Is Corrupt To The Core And I Am More Disabled From The Inauthentic, Nonstandardized, And Toxic Materials Being Mislabeled As Something They Are Not. We Are Uninformed, Nonconsensual LAB RATS. Destablized Every Month By These Inconsistent, And Harmful Biotech Experiments. I’ve Been Robbed Of Over 10 Years Of My Life And Many Of Us Are Being Lied To About What They Really Are. How Many Of You Voted For A President To Determine Your Health, Rights, And Quality Of Life ? I Pray To God That When 911 Is Revisited Soon, And The Truth Is Revealed That It Was A Planned Inside Job, That Every Violation Of Our Rights Be Recinded. The Government Had To Create 911 To Pull-Off All That Led To This. Even If You Don’t Believe It, You Can Ask Yourself What A “Terrorist” Attack Has To Do With The Suspending Of Our American Constitution And Reasons / Excuses To Violate Our Human And Civil Rights ? The War Is On Us And The Foxes Are Both Guarding And Decimating All Hen Houses. We Are Being Tortured, Experimented-On, And Punished By The Very Ones “Voted” In To “Represent” Us. The System And ALL Of It’s Parts Are Broken Beyond Salvation. It’s Time To Take Our Country Back And Hold The Sociopaths Accountable For High Treason And Crimes Against All Of Humanity.

  2. Amen Dr.Kline,,,they came after u,,,to shut u up,,plain and simple,,,lets hope,,,if u can,,it doesn’t work..However I truly understand loosing it all,,and its no picnic,,house fire,job loss,medical illness,no money,,etc,,,,mary

  3. Thank you for reinforcing the realities that those of us who have been researching, writing about, and living the repercussions of for years know all to well to be true. We need to continue to reach out to more widespread audiences so that the “fake news,” and “conspiracy theory” accusations are proven untrue! Thank you Steve Ariens and Dr. Kline for being motivated by empathy and truth, despite the majority of doctors and pharmacists who either don’t care, have been undereducated in pain, and/or brainwashed by opioid hysteria.

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