Dr Ruan and Dr Meredith Taking out the best of us to terrify the rest

All police states have a modus operandi by which they can be recognized. One of those is the absolute and unreasonable, almost random, destruction of people selected to be an “example” to terrify the population. The most educated physician in American history, Dr. Xiulu Ruan, is still languishing in prison because, while the DEA has no right to dictate the practice of medicine, they have the unconstrained power to destroy those who do not toe the party line. And if the government has its way… Dr. Meredith Norris is next.

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  1. This opioid hysteria has got to stop!! It has to be screamed from the Roof Tops! A well written article identifying Jeff Sessions historically ramped up the DEA to attack our Doctors and patients! The lies of The CDC bogus so called guidelines relied on paid experts from PROP to determine the stats which are many but glaring is the OUD, falsifying persons cause of death, as Opiod Od, in reality these sad death patients had at least 6 other drugs in their systems. Obviously, giving Grant to The DEA to storm The Doctors office and stealing patients records! I know first hand because a very good Pain Management Doctor, caring man to do his best by his patients was raided, arrested and stole patient records!! My Doctor Larry Mabine, who studied at Chapel Hill, Harvard and studied abroad learning the art of acupuncture! He was truly a life saving physician and since most of his patients were left w/out a Doctor for their diseases. I was lucky to find another Dr to take over my care; too many are left without a Doctor to this day. I was tapered, and was taken on because my neck surgery had to be put on the back burner because of Covid… When they realized I wasn’t on board with expensive interventional procedures they dismissed me in good standing, also set me up with another Doctor. ( that was amazing). The DEA and the CDC needs to be abolished, they go after Doctors not the cartel because they don’t want to go after illicit drugs and the Cartels! Why?? As they say, low hanging fruit ! People with chronic pain diseases are left without Medical care! They DEA, needs to get out of medicine, they are not Doctors and are not qualified to make any health decisions! American pain and disability are going to Washington end of this month, if your mobile, and can join the group please do. U can contact them on Facebook.. warriors fighting on!!

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