PAYBACK: tracking the opioid settlement cash

Payback: Tracking the Opioid Settlement Cash


The Tobacco Money Settlement is running out soon. Just about EVERYONE has their HAND OUT for some of the Opioid Settlement Money. From bureaucraties that had employees who are/were dealing with addiction and wants to recoup the money paid out for treating those employees, to Grandparents raising their Grandkids because their parents OD’d and they want financial assistance in raising their Grandkids.  Doesn’t Social Security pay kids $$ when a parent dies?

Not to mention the bureaucracies that the bureaucrats are creating to manage the distribution of those funds.

The total money that is to be paid out over the next 18 yrs, is but a drop in the bucket as to what the Tobacco Settlement amounted to. What industry is next?

Maybe they will go after the Tobacco wholesalers & retailers that didn’t get “taken to the cleaners” with the original settlement? There is always the Liquor industry, but will they sue those states that only sell liquor thru state-owned stores?

I am sure that they will find some other industry that is selling some legal product that they can fabricate some harm to people or with the current “green mindset”, products that “they” believe is harming our environment.

Maybe these law firms and bureaucrats have created a qazi  Rube Goldberg machine or a qazi “ATM machine” that never runs out of money!

One thing that no one wants to talk about is all this money that is being paid out or has been paid out from the Tobacco Settlement, These tobacco companies are still around and the price of their products are substantially higher than they were back in 1999, way above what the CPI/COLA increases would suggest.

Same thing with all these Opioid fines and settlements that started in the early 2010 decade and now will continue into the 2040 decade. While the DOJ/DEA & state AG’s are attempting to reduce the number of controlled meds produced and sold.


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