Dr. Kline in Crisis Part 1 & Part 2

Dr. Kline and his patients . Suddenly, without any reason given, I was visited by two inspectors from the North Carolina medical board, who said they were there to have me surrender my federal narcoses licence. when i asked for the charges, I was told to talk to the board, and when I asked if I could continue my practice, They said to talk to the board. No reason, no evidence.

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  1. I wondered when the zealots would go after Dr Kline; he’s such an outspoken advocate for actual treatment of pain –i.e., he talks truth against the BS propaganda– that it was inevitable that they’d shut him down. We don’t know all the deets, like the lawyer issue, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they managed to somehow bar him from talking to an attorney first. If I sound like a conspiracy nut, I didn’t used to: it’s taken a few years of watching an anti-science, anti-evidence, anti-fact propaganda campaign worthy of Goebbels to make me believe in this conspiracy. And watching the vast majority of sheeple swallow the propaganda without the tiniest question to destroy what little faith I had in people generally having any sense.

  2. My MIL was in the last stage of colon cancer and had weeks to live. She was in the hospital in severe pain, but they wouldn’t give her opiods to relieve her pain. Despite her Living Will they gave her blood transfusions to “make her more comfortable”. She didn’t communicate for a month and slept with her eyes and mouth open and constantly moaned. The doctors said they didn’t want her to get addicted so they let her suffer. She died 75 days after fistula repair with no relief from constant pain.

    • Pamela, I am sorry to read of your MIL’s cancer pain. What state did this occur? Oncologists are supposed to treat pain. This is frightening.

    • I am so sorry you had to watch her go through that…they did the same thing to my mother as she died in the agonizing bone pain of leukemia. I very nearly lost my mind, & the rage over her completely unnecessary suffering still hasn’t died. It’s beyond obscene.

  3. Bob is correct. He should have immediately called a lawyer before surrendering. He and every citizen is entitled to due process.

  4. He messed up why didn’t he call a lawyer before surrendering .

  5. I suffer from chronic pancreatitis. Without opioids, I’d have 0 quality of life!!

    • Where are the civil rights people in all this? Dr. Forest Tennant, Dr. William “Bill” Bauer and now Dr. Thomas Kline- all physicians who openly spoke out against the crimes being perpetrated against patients who suffer from severe pain, before they lost their licenses and/or practices.

      Isn’t free speech still a civil rights issue?
      Who’s next? Dr. Singer? Dr. Webster?

      History repeats itself, seems the only things missing are the CIA & COINTELPRO.

      Would these, and the many other heroes, possibly be eligible for protection using whistleblower laws?

      I support Dr. Kline unconditionally.
      Even if he ends up being charged for something “technically” illegal, I know it will be a trumped up clerical error or some practice that was openly acceptable & overlooked by everyone in the past- before this latest battle in the war on drugs.

      My heart goes out him, his patients and all their loved ones who now must suffer the effects of being forced to deal with acute withdrawal syndrome; either as the patient themselves or as a loved one who has to stand by, helplessly watching this cruel, heart wrenching, completley unnecessary & preventable process go on and on for days.

      #NC34 #stopCPPtorture #WakeUp

      • unfortunately it doesn’t just go on for days, because the pain has returned and is in full force, not to mention Post acute withdrawal syndrome which lasts for several months it doesn’t even start until 6 months or more after discontinuation. Some of us have been diagnosed with 5 or more diagnosis. He only took the worst cases. I happen to be one of them. We, #NC34 WILL PREVAIL!
        I have suffered seizures, mild stroke, and now being discriminated against by multiple pharmacies who will not feel any medications for me because of this. This is not America. We are not free. We are free to do what they allow us to do. Sincerely, one of the s barely #NC34

        • Of course voice-to-text makes me look like an idiot and apparently I am for not editing before I pressed the submit button. Oh well, I’m sure you get the picture. He diagnosed me with adhesive arachnoiditis on top of the preexisting chiari type 1 malformation and DDD and CRPS and spinal stenosis and systemic inflammatory diseases… that’s just the icing on the cake, I’ve had 15 surgeries, I’ve been involved in 12 collisions, and my medical record is as thick as Webster’s dictionary. there is so much more I could say but I won’t say it here, hopefully I can say it before a judge with the rest of NC34… IF WE ALL SURVIVE LONG ENOUGH.
          IF I were an addict I could go into any clinic and get immediate MAT. HOWEVER, AS A PAIN REFUGEE, THERE IS NO HELP AND THERE IS NO HOPE. The drug police need to get the hell out of the doctor’s offices and let them be doctors, considering doctors are the ones who are legally allowed to practice medicine.

          Vengeance belongs to the Lord, but I believe He has subcontractors.

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