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  1. So…We ALREADY live in a Socialist society…Only it’s BY AND FOR THE SOCIALITES WITH MONEY NOT THE REAL AMERICA! Sad. Sickening. Not at all surprising!

    • Yes, it’s been this way for many, many years I’m sure longer than the 20 years this video said. People can still continually call government officials and if we did it often in huge numbers we would have a lot better success.

  2. That’s why I’ve been saying why is noone rich helping chronic pain patients there has gotta be some rich people w chronic pain.

  3. ironic that i received this at the time the history channel was showing
    how the US was being bought by powerful people going back to JP Morgan Rockerfeller n one other whos name i cant remember WE really have no “voice” when it comes to legislation I was never a fan of sending letters im sure that is first job of interns to take letters n deposit them in shredder

  4. Ok. Not too surprised. But I wonder what a graph like this looks like for court cases where we know one of the parties is innocent…

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