DEA investigating possible violations at Costco pharmacies

It would appear that after the DEA fined CVS 29 million in CA.. they moved on to dragging four COSTCO stores in the Sacramento’s area.. thru the auditing muck…  according to this report .. the FEDERAL WARRANT because the DEA had “concerns” about how much HDC/APAP was being processed in 4 N CA COSTCO STORES.  Is it just me.. or does this sound like a “fishing trip”… based totally on the volume of HDC/APAP being dispensed out of these four stores… ?

I guess we will see another major fine.. based on Pharmacists not being fool proof diagnosticians and I guess we will see COSTCO being pushed down the same path as WALGREENS, CVS and the major wholesalers by the threats of the DEA. Denying legit pts their medically necessary medication.. and basically throwing these people into withdrawal, elevated pain… which .. to some.. is a form of torture..

Everyone like to say that these products are ADDICTING.. when the truth is that they are POTENTIALLY ADDICTING..

I have a car that they tell me that it is “governed” that it will go 155 MPH and that if someone could circumvent the electronic governor that it has the potential of 175 MPH..

I have never had it even close to going those speeds… but.. it has the POTENTIAL..  It also has the potential of going from 0-60 in 4.5 seconds..and yes .. I have seen it demonstrate that capability.. merging on the interstate.. it comes in handy… but.. I don’t accelerate like that from every stop sign/light.

I guess that we are all lucky.. that cops don’t stop and give us tickets… because of what our cars are potentially capable of doing? I guess the DEA has been granted – or taken – the right to investigate “possibilities” of wrong doing..

All the while.. Heroin use/abuse/deaths are “going thru the roof” throughout the entire country..  So.. allowing ILLEGAL DRUGS to be on the street is of less importance than LEGAL DRUGS being dispensed… which the overwhelming majority are for people who have a legit medical need.


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  1. One pill of Hydrocodone cost $20 on the streets and one pill of OxyContin cost $80 dollars a pill. People who abuse these type medications can buy heroin much cheaper ,who are these news reporters trying to fool. But you really don’t know what your getting with street drugs like heroin. One bad bag of heroin and your gone forever, drug dealers don’t care if a person dies.

    I had a friend get hooked on heroin and he said nothing is even close to the first time he did heroin, from then on all he did is try to chase that one time high he got from heroin. He went from a descent guy to selling everything he had for his next shot of heroin, it was so disgusting. I got him help from a methadone clinic but he blew it so I stopped calling him. All the lies and deceiving from him, I had to cut all connections because he was brining me down with his addiction to heroin. He was not going to stop no matter what. He wanted me to try it but I will never put that crap in my body.

    All this media hype about opioid medication has made it very difficult for true chronic pain sufferers to find help. Even if you do find help from a doctor you cant get the script filled , its became really bad this year.

    I suffered for 10 years before I found pain relief back in 2000 , now that pain relief is being compromised because of stories like this but I will survive one way or another. You just cant hold a good man down. Whatever I have to do to survive I will do even if it means titrating downward.

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