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  1. I know these pharmacies are discriminating. Both Walgreens and CVS after finding out my age never called me back. Also, HCA and BlueCross/ Blue Shields did me the same thing when I applied to the job announcements. Really sad. Pharmacy for older pharmacist is dead if you don’t own your store.

  2. I hope to see CVS pay more for age discrimination. April 2010 through 201, in the Florida Keys, a one road stretch of 125 miles with seven CVS stores along its’ path, nine pharmacist were terminated for essentially no cause except minor policy infractions that we all know are done daily if we want to produce 20+ prescriptions an hour. Seven stores, nine pharmacist, or about 60% of the staffing gone with all of us with a minimum of 15 years of service. I launched and email campaign that resulted in over 350 calls to corporate on my personal defense to no avail. My contact information can still be found on google search for this issue. Six years later I still get emails from RPHs fired without good cause wanting to know how they should react.
    We called the best lawyers in South Florida and they took our statements. They returned to tell us they couldn’t help us as CVS had the upper hand and we were discharged for indefensible acts. I wonder if that would still apply today. I’m sure statute of limitations apply for our group but power on senior RPHs at CVS.

    • I was placed on Esteem by them. If your name is entered you can’t work worldwide for any company that subscribes to it.

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