Could this be part of the problem ?

This is a post on a FaceBook page referencing the NBC 5 Chicago expose on a 5 y/o getting basically a overdose–247413951.html

here is the comment : And this why our system makes us enter the birthday.

I checked this person’s profile and it is a technician from a national chain..

Is this typical of those technicians that work in pharmacy ?

Any system is only as good as the person who is using it…

If a Rx dept staff “speeds thru” the over-riding of warnings… because of being behind or being rushed in trying to keep up with “the metrics”.. and misses a critical warning based on the pt’s age and the dose entered into the computer..

Is it an example that we put absolute confidence in these computer systems.. that they are never wrong , incomplete or inaccurate ?

Or an example of  those in  the Rx dept staff are taking “short-cuts”  using the system.. and never considered the consequences in doing so.

IMO.. we have reached the point where we are serving “the system” and not the patient

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