could opioid lawsuits make it harder to get opioid Rxs filled ?

50 states sign up for Walmart’s opioid settlement framework -3.1 billion

the settling of these lawsuits Walgreen & CVS agreed to a 10 BILLION settlement paid out over 10-15 yrs and Walmart agreed to a 3.1 BILLION settlement.

part of Walmart’s agreement:

Walmart has adopted many approaches to fighting the opioid crisis, such as:

  • Educating and empowering pharmacists
  • Reducing the amount of opioids dispensed
  • Protecting against diversion and theft
  • Increasing access to overdose reversal medication
  • Educating our patients and our communities about opioid abuse
  • Advocating for state and national policies aimed at curbing opioid abuse and misuse

There are more lawsuits forming against other chain pharmacies. The money from the TOBACCO SETTLEMENT from 1999 will soon drop dramatically or dry up entirely Many of the states did not use the money from that settlement- as they promised for anti-tobacco education, but … just dumped the money in their general fund.  All those states have become financially addicted to that “free money” and unless they find a new source of “free money” they may have to cut public services and/or raise taxes.

Depending how many lawsuit keep coming and the chains are forced to settle because 90%+ of entities taken to federal court are found guilty. I presume that the chains don’t want to waste money on a law firm when the odds are they are going to be found guilty and paying out money.

The chains may come to the conclusion that stocking/filling controlled meds is not a good financial business plan and just stop stocking and filling controlled meds Rx.

Many states’ Pharmacy practice act – unless they have changed it – are required to stock meds normally prescribed in the pharmacy’s market.

There is a lot of shifting in the pharmacy market place

UP TO 5% of TRICARE beneficiaries will have to make a 30+ MINUTE round trip to get their prescription filled because of DOD contract

Kroger: announced that we are terminating our Express Scripts agreement for commercial customers as of December 31

The GoodRx-Kroger Blowup: Spread Pricing, Pharmacy Margins, and the Future of Discount Cards


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  1. You know what,, you people are psychic, don’t you think the pain patients that are getting their meds reduced deserve this money also,, why would the pharmacies get it,, I’m the one who can no longer go anywhere or do anything,, I’m the one in severe pain and honestly no longer want to live this life in so much pain and if u ask me,, I didn’t cause this pain,, I was hit by a drunk/ impaired driving 60 mph,, I think with all my injuries and knowing my problems are permanent, I should be entitled to it,, to help my pain,, all this stuff makes no sense to me the meds have been around for hundreds of years now all of a sudden in 2022 they want to cut everyone off, so they live in pain,,, HAVE ANY OF YOU PEOPLE EVER NEEDED PAIN MEDICINE,, because one day you might,, and karma is a bitch,, I’m sorry,, I just want to live a normal life,, that’s all,, I know it will never happen,, but meds would help me with the pain,,when they started lowering my meds,, my spine feels like a toothpick that woobles,, my pain is so bad,, I’ve bitten out 3 teeth,, please help me,

  2. biden administration wants pain mngmt.patients to withdraw,soaring BP,stroke,heart attack,seizures,and die.make way for border jumpers that’ll vote him in again.As a Christian,this is awful to say,but I hope he gets 3rd degree burns and suffers through skin debridement.If it dont kill him outright.Trying to pray for that bastard has been the biggest challenge of my faith.I’m angry because it threatens my salvation.Help us with chronic pain,pls.JESUS!

    • Thee other sick part of your truthful comments,,,,The doctors that are left,,there lieing on blood pressures/throwing out ekg strips w/serious electrical disturbances,refusing to do testing to PROVE,, the harm this opiatephobia has cause.I had 1 doctor,,when i sllipped on ice a couple years back,,purposedly take a x-ray of thee opposite side of my rib cage i fell on,.6 weeks later,a diiferent doc order a ct,no contrast,ALLERGY to ct contrast only,,,shows 2 ribs still broke 2 healed and I was pissen blood for 1 week after my fall..Since thee original x-ray showed nothing,,my doc said no need to seee u after the mandatory 3 days in u go to e.r.Thank god,,i still had my pain MEDICINE for my thoracvioc issues,,,but these younger doc’s with HIGH college loans/approve of anti-opiates/fear of the dea,,will literally refuse to run testing that will prove damages from kolodny policed public policy..oh and my fall ,1st time I have ver falling in my life btw,,was chauked up as a fall from opiates,,,not the ice under my feet,,,its sickening,demented,cruel,,INHUMANE torture what Washington COLLUDING W/KOLODNYS TORTURE FOR $$$$ SCHEME ON PAIN PATIENTS,,,REASONABLE,TRUTHFULL MINDSET HAVE BEEN REPLACED BY THE DEMENTED MINDS,,,jmo,,maryw

      • Oh I know,,, these drs are all afraid of the DEA AND CDC AND THE ABC AND THE IOU,, why should they be afraid,, none of them hold a medical license and none of them know what they are talking about,, they are all lieing for each other,, well for now on,, they are being hung out to dry,, they know what I need they have been my drs for along time,, and they act stupid,, I’m the one in pain and obviously they don’t care,, we will see,, one last chance then I have to do,, what I have to do,, I’m tired of begging and lies

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