50 states sign up for Walmart’s opioid settlement framework -3.1 billion

50 states sign up for Walmart’s opioid settlement framework


  Walmart said it has reached settlement agreements with all 50 US states as part of a $3.1 billion nationwide opioid settlement announced last month.

In November, the retailer announced a settlement from multiple states’ attorneys general that accused the company of failing to regulate opioid prescriptions contributing to the nationwide opioid crisis.

The settlement, according to the office of New York Attorney General Letitia James, who co-led a coalition of attorneys general in the negotiation, will also “include broad, court-ordered requirements Walmart must comply with, such as robust oversight to prevent fraudulent prescriptions and flag suspicious prescriptions.”

In this week’s announcement, Walmart said that the agreements with the 50 states “are intended to resolve substantially all opioids-related lawsuits brought by state and local governments against Walmart.”

“Walmart believes these settlements are in the best interest of all parties and will provide significant aid to communities across the country in the fight against the opioid crisis, with aid reaching state and local governments faster than any other nationwide opioid settlement to date, subject to satisfying all settlement requirements,” the company said in the statement.

Walmart added that it “strongly disputes the allegations in these matters, and these settlements do not include any admission of liability.”

“Promising negotiations,” are still underway with other pharmacies including Walgreen (WBA)s and CVS (CVS), James’ office said last month. Those two chains have tentatively agreed to pay a combined $10 billion to settle lawsuits brought by states and local governments alleging the retailers mishandled prescriptions of opioid painkillers.

US states, cities and counties have filed more than 3,000 lawsuits against opioid manufacturers, distributors and pharmacies, accusing them of downplaying the addiction risk and failing to stop pills from being diverted for illegal use.

More than 500,000 overdose deaths over the past two decades – including more than 80,000 in 2021 alone – are blamed on the US opioid crisis, government data show, with an estimated 9.5 million Americans age 12 and older reported in 2020 to have misused opioids, including 9.3 million prescription pain reliever abusers and 902,000 heroin users.

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  1. Geez,,,he;’s rite this is just like the whole cigarette crap,,,,talk about government welfare,,,,wow,,I didn’t know they settled out of court,,wow,maryw

  2. […] 50 states sign up for Walmart’s opioid settlement framework -3.1 billion […]

  3. Who are these 9.3 million people getting pain medication to abuse and how are they getting it when legitimate chronic pain patients cannot get anything? How skewed is their information? We are familiar with how the CDC likes to do this with their statistics from not distinguishing deaths FROM Covid vs deaths WITH Covid. Here is an actual statement from the CDC’s WONDER site: “Drug overdose deaths may involve multiple drugs; therefore, a single death might be included in more than one category when describing the number of drug overdose deaths involving specific drugs. For example, a death that involved both heroin and fentanyl would be included in both the number of drug overdose deaths involving heroin and the number of drug overdose deaths involving synthetic opioids other than methadone.” Does it not seem like they are padding the numbers?

    • Just a fyi,,,there a petition out here,with 4.5 million signature from pain patient denied the medicine opiates,who DO NOT AGREE, with this huge torture experiments,,and for some reason,the comment section had ,”repeat comments,”,,Soo our government is just denying our truth everwhere.Also,sometimes i do b.s. surveys on products,never our medicine,,but this how these survey/DATA is done.If i did not ,”strongly agree,” in the ,”screening,” process of who they wanted to do the survey/data,,,i did not qualify for that survey,understand,,Sooo i will bet u my kitchen sink,,,they are pre-screening these so called ,”effective addicts,” to make sure the agree its not their faults as ADULTS,,,FOR ABUSING the good will of doctors,,but Walmarts fault,,JMO,,,I have learns ALLLLL DATA ON THE MEDICINE OPIATES/ADDICTION IS 1 BIG FAT LIE!!!!!!ALL OF IT,,,,jmo,They want NO LONG TERM medicated therapy of the medicine opiates for the long term medically ill in physical pain,,All guided by the demented mind/policed policy of 1 Andrew kolodny and prop,,,jmo,,maryw

  4. They’re not even paying attention to the news killer counterfeit drug in town… They don’t really even have a way to test for it. None of these judgments should have been settled. https://medcitynews.com/2022/12/iso-what-you-need-to-know-about-the-deadly-new-drug/

  5. That is laughable. Walmart would loudly “call out” opioid users even if you had a valid prescription. I still haven’t figured out why PROP started this because it is about illegal drug (use) taking it out on legal users. The lawsuits won’t stop. Opioids aren’t the only thing. Everyone get in line and put your hand out. A class action lawyer company will come catch up and decide what you “might” qualify for and fill your purse. You should not bother working anymore.

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