Press Release – FAA Proposes Sweeping New Rule to Fight Pilot Fatigue Isn’t it a shame that healthcare bureaucrats (pharmacy, nursing, medical boards) don’t have the same concerns about people’s lives. It is reported that our health care system KILLS 100,000 people every year by medical errors and harms another 1.5 million by medication errors. One plane crash in 2009 and the FAA moves slowly -albeit […]

the company uses industry-leading standards Redwood City woman sues over pharmacy’s prescription mix-up that left her gravely ill The woman in the above story got the prescription bottle in her bag that was suppose to be for someone else and didn’t read the bottle label and took the meds, this happened at a CVS. The CVS spokesperson stated that […]

Drive thru window – the new street corner pusher? Law bans drive-thru pain ‘scripts… In our continued war on drugs and its “fill & chase” program… the drive thru window has apparently become the new gateway to get bogus controlled substance Rxs past pharmacy staff. While apparently pharmacies have focused their digital security cameras to the inside of the store, monitoring the drive […]

Even when you do your job right.. you can get sued Imagine warning a patient that their new prescription is for a drug that your records note that they are allergic to. The patient denies being allergic to the drug and requests that you fill it. The patient takes the medication and DIES ! The patient’s family sues you and the chain that you work […]

So you think that the PMP (Prescription Monitoring Program) will help you find addicts/diverters?

At one point in time, I thought that the PMP programs now in 30 odd states was a good idea. Healthcare professionals would have a database of those trying to obtain opiates & controlled substances from multiple prescribers and/or pharmacies. After roughly 10 yrs… some of the states are linking their individual databases so that […]

Walgreens sued for firing diabetic clerk who snacked on job

So you think that your loyalty to your corporate employer will be rewarded? Apparently an employee’s health condition is always to take second place to the company’s policy & procedures. Of course, earlier this year Walgreens fired a Pharmacist for fending off a armed robber,0,3266165.story But don’t look at the above link…because it […]

State of Missouri Board of Pharmacy investigated only 74 mis-fills last year

According to information released in a lawsuit against Walgreens in the St Louis area. The Missouri State Board of Pharmacy only had 74 investigation regarding mis-filled prescriptions in 2010. With a estimated 100,000 deaths from medical mistakes and another 1.5 million people harmed by medication errors. Missouri has a population of 6 million or about […]

RPH’s written up for doing what a professional Pharmacist is suppose to do

Medical errors kills 100,000 people every year and estimates that >1,000,000 people are harmed by medication mistakes. That is equivalent to a full size commercial airliner falling out of the sky and kills everyone aboard EVERY DAY. Click to access Medical_Negligence_Primer.pdf Errors, those who make them and those who are harmed by them are […]

Bay Area Nurses go on strike – one death claimed to be related to substitute nurse

Our health care system kills ~ 100,000 patients every year by medical mistakes -that’s over 10/hr -24hr/day – 7 days/wk and over 1,000,000 are harmed by medication mistakes. Yet we hear very little about all of this. A group of nurses go on strike and MAYBE one patient dies because of the action of one […]

Chain stores “buy silence” from patients that are given wrong drugs and harmed

Many lawsuits against pharmacies settled in silence 100,000 people are killed annually from medical errors and > 1,000,000 are harmed by medication errors 10/01/2011 Walgreen buries another one of its customers along with the settlement