Even when you do your job right.. you can get sued

Imagine warning a patient that their new prescription is for a drug that your records note that they are allergic to. The patient denies being allergic to the drug and requests that you fill it. The patient takes the medication and DIES !
The patient’s family sues you and the chain that you work for claims that their only responsibility is to fill the Rx correctly.
This statement was made by Walgreens. Walgreens currently has a pilot project in Indianapolis, where they are putting the “RPH out front”. Could this be
nothing more than a facade to increase tech and robot utilization and remote order entry and review?
In moving the RPH “out front” who is responsible for taking Rxs on the phone, if everything is going remote.. does anyone care – or will there be any enforcement – if the tech entering the Rx or the RPH verifying the enter is licensed or certified in the state the Rx is being filled?

The DRUG MONKEY recently posted statements from a previous Walgreen’s “Power System” Pharmacist http://drugmonkey.blogspot.com/2011/10/from-i-work-at-dundler-mifflin-file.html

In reading what this Pharmacist claimed what happened under the “Power System” and this recent Walgreens statement that their only responsibility is to fill the Rx correctly… Makes one wonder why our medical system only kills 100,000 and harms 1.5 million people annually and not more ! One can only suspect that other chains are looking at or doing similar things…

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