Press Release – FAA Proposes Sweeping New Rule to Fight Pilot Fatigue
Isn’t it a shame that healthcare bureaucrats (pharmacy, nursing, medical boards) don’t have the same concerns about people’s lives. It is reported that our health care system KILLS 100,000 people every year by medical errors and harms another 1.5 million by medication errors.
One plane crash in 2009 and the FAA moves slowly -albeit slowly – to take action about pilot fatigue. Our medical industry kills as many people every day as if a commercial airliner falling out of the sky, killing all on board.
Only one state (NC) has a limit on the number of hours a RPH can work each day and can place limits on the number of Rxs to be filled per RPH/shift.. from recent reports, both are being ignored… Of course, the other 49 states have declined to address work environment issues.. even to the point that only 3 states have told Rite Aid to cease and desist their 15 minute Rx guarantee… due to safety issue.
We cannot solely blame the bureaucrats, because those of us on “the front line” are complicit by going along with dealing with increased volume with the same or less staffing. Of course, within the pharmacy boards, it is reported that 75% of the boards have chain execs on the boards.. could this explain the seemingly common opinion that patient safety is somewhere behind profits in importance.

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