275 people killed every day for the last year

How about that for a headline for the daily newspaper… It is not drug overdoses It is not drunken drivers It is the number of people that MEDICAL MISTAKES kill EVERY YEAR…. around 100,000 every year Do these mistakes continue to happen because of over-tired, distracted and healthcare professionals being forced to multitask beyond what […]

Here is how Walgreen “protects” their employees & customers

Walgreens fires a Pharmacist for defending himself, after armed masked robber tried to shoot him. At first they praised the Pharmacist, then turned around and fired him. The above statement clearly states that they are more interested in APPREHENDING a robber after the fact than preventing a robbery in the first place. Like those that […]

Pregnant Woman Gets Abortion Drug Instead of Antibiotic

http://abcnews.go.com/Health/pregnant-colorado-woman-abortion-drug-antibiotic/comments?type=story&id=12865651 If you read this in detail… it boils down to the person being given the meds for someone with a similar name… not mis-filled …but wrong bag on will call was given to her… she noticed that name on label was not hers and took one tablet… Methotrexate is normally dosed as multiple tabs […]