Attorney Lawrance A. Bohm on Record $167,000,000 Hostile Work Environment Case

In February 2012, a jury returned a verdict of $167,730,488.00 in Chopourian v. Catholic Healthcare West (2012, United States District Court, Eastern District of California). This case is believed to be the largest single-plaintiff employment verdict in United States history. Plaintiff, Ani Chopourian, was terminated from her position as a surgical physicians’ assistant in the cardiovascular surgery unit of Mercy General Hospital, a Sacramento hospital owned and operated by Catholic Healthcare West. During her employment, Chopourian was subjected to daily unwanted sexual advances, physical contact, and inappropriate and demeaning sexual comments. Chopourian was also denied meal and rest breaks required by California law. After Chopourian made several written and verbal complaints to hospital officials regarding these violations and inappropriate patient care, including surgical errors, she became the subject of unwarranted disciplinary actions in retaliation, culminating in her termination. For more information please visit: or contact our office at 1-866-920-1292.


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