Trust betrayed again ?

Pradaxa’s Manufacturer Misled the FDA about Blood Thinner From the article: The dangers associated with Boehringer Ingelheim’s drug Pradaxa are not to be understated. Without an antidote, a miscalculation or error in dosage can have extremely dangerous, life-threatening effects. The drug’s manufacturer knew that the drug carried with it very serious dangers but chose […]

We are not using this technology because ?

IDology’s solutions have been helping healthcare companies verify identities online and in call centers for years. I discovered this company/product at all places… a beach restaurant/bar… where they are trying to prevent underage drinking. So it would appear – as a industry – we are turning a blind eye to the possibilities of using […]

Could this be a omen of how ACA will function ?

West Virginia doctor claims patients on VA waiting list committed suicide From the article: A West Virginia doctor is coming forward with new allegations against the Department of Veterans Affairs, claiming that she too was told to put patients seeking treatment off for months on end — and that at least two of them […]

Attempting to put another indy out of business ? Wholesalers lock out independent pharmacies ordering controlled medications Advertisement Submitted by sully1964 in sullyrx on 04.07.14 – 10:40 am How many independent pharmacies have been locked out on controlled medications. My pharmacy has been locked out. The three suppliers have given no legal reason for their actions. The only reason is a compliance department […]

The “terminal pt’s” last hope granted ?

‘Right to Try’: States Move to Expand Access to Experimental Drugs From the article: Nick Auden died in November at age 41 after unsuccessfully lobbying two drug companies to use an experimental treatment outside of clinical trials. Auden had acknowledged there was no guarantee the drug would work. Gov. John Hickenlooper on Saturday signed […]

The war on drugs “gone wild “? Is That A Tylenol? I’m Gonna Throw You Down and Pry Open Your Mouth to Find Out! Shocking surveillance camera footage from a court waiting room has emerged which shows a Sheriff’s Deputy over-stepping his bounds. Siobhan Householder was injured and charged with resisting arrest after Deputy Eric Vaughan threw her to the ground […]

The “tables” may be turning !

Employers Take Heed – EEOC Scrutinizing “Standard” Severance And Settlement Agreements From the article: Several recent EEOC lawsuits, one filed in the Northern District of Illinois and another very recently filed in the District Court of Colorado, suggest an emerging trend that may have broad reaching impact on what has been considered standard, enforceable language […]

Bureaucrats scratching their heads ?

Heroin’s Toll Heroin surges as Kentucky cracks down on pain pills From the article: Jolly’s death is part of a skyrocketing heroin epidemic devastating families across Kentucky — fueled by a state crackdown on prescription pill abuse that has addicts turning to the illegal street drug to find the same blissful high. Heroin is […]

The facts are really not the facts ?

Obtaining adequate data to determine causes of opioid-related overdose deaths. Current data collected by medical examiners and coroners are incomplete and inadequate to evaluate the factors that lead to fatalities involving prescription opioids Determining cause of death is critically important. Two methods are proposed to improve consistency and accuracy in the collection and analysis of […]

Are you in a hostile work environment ? Is your workplace toxic? A hostile work environment is an environment in which intimidating, offensive, aggressive, shunning, disruptive, or undermining behavior occurs between team members and interferes with your ability to successfully perform your job without distress. Hostile behavior is directly linked to lowered productivity, reduced patient safety, medication errors, and sentinel events. The […]