The survey made a impact ?

POSTED ON ANOTHER RPH BLOG “We all got an email to participate in the second annual Oregon pharmacists survey. NO ONE I KNOW has responded to it. It took like 10 minutes. Two years ago, we had very small turnout of answering the survey, yet it led to changes in break and lunch rules. It’s […]

Sell your soul for $50 ?

 CVS thinks $50 is enough reward for giving up healthcare privacy,0,2932825.column From the article: The drugstore chain is expanding its ExtraCare rewards program for prescription drugs, but to join consumers must give up healthcare privacy protections under HIPAA. Since February, CVS Caremark has been pushing its pharmacists to enroll customers in a prescription-drug rewards […]

The Lawyers are circling !

WALGREENS SHAREHOLDER ALERT: Levi & Korsinsky Launches an Investigation into Claims of Breaches of Fiduciary Duty Against The Board of Directors of Walgreen Co. The dominoes keep falling ?  

Put your glasses on.. you might find a link !

2 patients who received recalled drug die From the article: Texas health officials say no link has been found between a compounded drug and the death of two patients who developed blood infections after receiving it before its recall. The federal Food and Drug Administration recalled all products produced by Specialty Compounding of Cedar […]

Taking self service a bit too far ?

Apparently CVS is getting their customers involved in holding down store labor costs… WARNING customers that they need to check expiration dates on products.. Is this because their front end store staff is so short-staffed … that they don’t have time to even check for expired dates. Of course, selling out of date products is […]

ADA lawsuit filed against Walmart by RPh

Former Oregon Walmart pharmacist accuses company of firing him for his disability Apparently this RPH at one time had an substance abuse problem… which from the article: “At the time of hire, Mr. Doran disclosed to Wal-Mart his history of addiction, the details of his prior addiction-related conduct, the Board of Pharmacy probation, and […]

what is next ?

CVS restricts sale of nail polish remover–219406991.html First it was PSE… now nail polish… don’t they that know that some types of batteries and 2-liter soda bottles can be use.. to create meth… will we have to go back to the old 6.5 ounce soda bottles from the 50’s & 60’s ? I wonder […]

Because you asked for it ..

boilerrph87 asked the question.. in response to my recent blog post More effective than a video camera ? anyone know if bear repellant spray would work..??? The embedded video should  answer any questions about the use of BEAR SPRAY !

Should I get a face lift ?

Some of the things that show up in my inbox .. quoting what some young (& stupid) DM or PDM has said to a Senior RPH… just amazes me… I have worked as a Kxxxx pharmacist for over half of my career, Senior RPH, in same location for nearly a decade.        my dm came in […]

Loss of power ?

This is a comment that was posted on another RPH blog from a RPH that is apparently familiar with WAG’s POWER PROGRAM… For those of you who are not familiar with WAG’s POWER PROGRAM… it started back in 2006 +/- in FL & AZ… where they established centralized call centers and fill centers. It was […]