what is next ?

CVS restricts sale of nail polish remover


First it was PSE… now nail polish… don’t they that know that some types of batteries and 2-liter soda bottles can be use.. to create meth…

will we have to go back to the old 6.5 ounce soda bottles from the 50’s & 60’s ?

I wonder when they will figure out that 80% of the meth in this country is made SOUTH OF THE BORDER !

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  1. CVS has now stopped that nail polish remover policy. You still need ID for iodine however!

  2. Do they use nail polish for methamphetamines? Maybe the remover. Too many restrictions have been made and will continue to be made. All they have to do is get a prescription for some mixed amphetamines! How much “protection” do we need? Maybe if more kids are killed by meth lab explosions. We still have guns

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