Put your glasses on.. you might find a link !

2 patients who received recalled drug die

From the article:

Texas health officials say no link has been found between a compounded drug and the death of two patients who developed blood infections after receiving it before its recall.

The federal Food and Drug Administration recalled all products produced by Specialty Compounding of Cedar Park, Texas, after reports of bacterial infections affecting 17 patients at two Corpus Christi hospitals. Two of the patients died, but Chris Van Deusen, spokesman for the Texas Department of State Health Services, said that the cause of death is not yet known and no link between the medication and the deaths has been established.

Texas health officials are working with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a federal health agency in Atlanta. CDC is analyzing samples of the bacteria taken from the patients to see if they’re all the same strain and come from the same source. Results are expected next week.

Maybe after the tests come back.. and they find that this organism .. which is rarely found in humans… something like hair follicle testing to better help you out would be good or directly or indirectly caused these deaths… when people are already “sick”.. sometimes it doesn’t take much to “finish the job” !


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