You have to wonder .. is it about politics ?

This is part of a email that I got from Dave Marley

We recently heard from the producers we had been working with (for over a year) at NBC-Rock Center that our story has been cancelled. While they had filmed over 6 different interviews, they recently had a new Executive Producer take over who believed this story was just too hard for TV. They have been very gracious in sharing the names and contact info of the interview subjects, and we are working diligently to get their stories to different media contacts that might follow up on it. To say this is discouraging is an understatement.

Is it me.. or.. the flagship station for NBC.. expends over one year for time/expense in developing a story.. and it is “tossed” because it is just “too hard for TV”.. is that a euphemism for our “viewers are not smart enough to understand it”.. or does someone or some entity have a large stock investment in the PBM industry?

It is rather common knowledge that NBC is  “left leaning politically” and that these PBM’s are probably going to be a lynch pin in the implementation of Obamacare and this new exec producer doesn’t want to upset that apple cart and mess with that program getting off the ground.

So much for unbiased reporting !!!

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