You have been warned ! Buyer Be Ware !

I guess if – as a customer – you purchase a out of date product from CVS – because they don’t have enough staffing hours to allow the staff to check for out dated items on the shelves… you are on your own… if you get sick or die… you have been warned ! OR.. are they just expecting customers to do the job of their staff… maybe it is another MBA idea to increase profits/decrease overhead ?

This website claims… Surveyors found expired products in more than 800 of the CVS stores checked including stores in all 17 states and the District of Columbia.

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  1. Its generous that you “guess” this is a staffing issue…. I just think its all about purchasing. Greed is an ugly thing. Glad you are back Steve!

  2. First, these reminders are required by the lawsuit brought against CVS on the subject of expired product. Second, there are reminders when checking out milk, baby food, etc for the cashier to check the exp date. Third, if you leave with expired product and find out when you get home, bring it back for exchange or refund… just like the grocery store.

    I guess no one is concerned that you could probably find expired product in almost every kroger, or publix or whatever…

    • I am sure that there are expired products at other stores.. I have found them – on occasion – at other stores… and handed them over to staff to take care of… as you stated.. CVS was sued – (because the expired products were so wide spread?) and now they are forced to have these signs through out the stores. IMO… they tend to ignore what they consider minor laws and/or laws they think they can get by ignoring… They have so many metrics for staff to follow….keeping the shelves devoid of expired products must not be one of them.

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