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Oregon – “No. 510: New Drug Outlet Conduct Rules”; No. 511: Comment Re: August 2012 Newsletter Article No. 509”; “Veterinary Prescriptions”
The Oregon State Board of Pharmacy adopted a new rule addressing the operation of Oregon pharmacies to ensure patient safety. Following is a summary of the significant provisions or OAR855-041-1166:
1. Prohibits advertising or soliciting that may jeopardize patient health, safety, or welfare.
2. Prohibits advertising that is false, fraudulent, deceptive or misleading.
3. Prohibits the outlet from incenting or inducing the transfer of a prescription absent professional rationale.
4. Requires the outlet to provide sufficient personnel to prevent fatigue, distractions, or conditions that interfere with a pharmacist’s ability to practice safely.
5. Requires the outlet to provide opportunities for uninterrupted rest periods and meal breaks.
6. Requires the outlet to provide adequate time for a pharmacist to complete professional duties and responsibilities; and
7. Prohibits introduction of external factors such as productivity quotas or programs such as time limits that interfere with the pharmacist’s ability to provide appropriate professional services.
The Oregon State Board of Pharmacy would like to encourage employers to provide access to veterinary pharmacy education or pharmacists discover this education on their own. The education should not only cover the medications used in veterinary pharmacy, but should also consider the perspectives of veterinary practice, legal implication for dispensing to animals, and information regarding how we as pharmacists can best provide support to animal owners and veterinarians.
I had heard a rumor that the Oregon BOP had a new exec director and that he was fresh from being a PIC at a regional chain up there.. and that changes were going to be made.

I ran across this.. in all places.. the Hawaii BOP minutes that showed up in my email box.. go figure!

The text from the pdf has been retyped.. because Adobe … did not want to let me cut/paste … However.. the above link is to the entire minutes from that month’s BOP meeting…

Look at page 4.

Now all we have to figure out … why in the hell the rest of the BOP’s are not following Oregon’s lead.. Are the RPH’s in Oregon  such wimps that only they need  all the things in these new rules and the rest of us are all SUPER HUMAN ?

Personally, I know that my SUPER HUMAN capabilities faded about 20-30 yrs ago !

After NABP’s annual meeting in May in St Louis… all BOP’s should be aware of this change and we should expect all of them to help improve patient safety… since that is their primary charge !

To the BOP members in Oregon … TWO THUMBS UP !


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  1. Here is a copy of the letter that was emailed to 51 BOP’s Jan 2012
    We found out two things… BOP’s have little interest in dealing with issues that are brought up by persons/entities that are not licensed in their state and/or they will only consider putting it on an agenda ..when a PERSON/RPh shows up to make a presentation and/or participate in the discussion.
    Here is a letter the TPA received from a BOP.. that attempted to pass similar meal/rest requirements only to have the Governor line item veto it.

  2. Great post Steve. Would love to see efforts like this roll throughout our industry. It won’t happen automatically. It is an uphill battle for sure. Would be cool if we could write up a general “letter to my BOP” and provide some grassroot tools to help pharmacists bring this up their their individual boards.

  3. IMO.. this is going to take a “grass roots” movement at the state level. NC BOP took a similar action a few years back and the chains took them to court.. the NC BOP won the case.. not sure how long it was hung up in court. BUT.. the NC BOP have been AWOL when it comes to enforcing those parts of the practice act.

  4. wow this is what happens when a pic becomes an executive direction.
    what do we need to do to make this happen in texas.

  5. All I can say is WOW! Finally, an entity, in this case the Oregon BOP, or actually addressing issues in the pharmacy that relate to us pharmacists. If only there was a way to get the other boards to do the same.

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