Irrational – illogical & counter productive

I just reviewed a complaint/review that a RPH that works for Rite Aid recently received from his/her PDM.

The basic context of the review was that Rite Aid expects/demands SUPERIOR SERVICE

Higher productivity – do more with less manhours

Never miss dotting a “i” or crossing a “t” on the mounds of paperwork

Make every employee fit/trained to do a job.. regardless of their strengths or weakness

… zero complaints from from pt/customers.. we don’t care what the pt wants.

AND.. don’t break any laws…

and – Oh by the way… fill all the Rxs, give all the vaccinations you can and never make a pt wait nor make any medication error.

It would appear that this particular RPH was improving his/her metrics but was apparently far from the expected SUPERIOR LEVEL… and this was the last warning !

Where did these Bozos come up with this sort of management style…

Someone with a even a minimum of  exposure to human Psychology knows that not every person will be capable of doing every type of job… just imagine a introvert that is expected to be a top notch salesman… or a extrovert is given a job to do detailed work… working alone in a office setting… and expect good performance.

It doesn’t matter if you are talking about a animal, machine or a human being… they have their mental/physical limits… all humans have their strengths and weaknesses .. we are not computer nor robots.

Human Psychology suggests that the more external pressure put on a person to perform at or above their natural limits… it will create a mental distraction and a physical drain.. that will, most likely, cause their performance to deteriorate.


Is this type of management style focused on employees that have been “singled out” to be eliminated from the herd? Literally setting them up to fail?

A thoroughbred is trained to run maybe a 1.25 mile race… try to double the length of the race and many/most of the horses will either slow down or collapse – or both..

Try to take a INDY or NASCAR and try to make them run a second 500 mile race without being overhauled and either the car will run slower or break down before the end of the second race.

Of course, there will be times when one or two race cars or horses would finish the second race… but would they ever be able to race again… or how many have to be destroyed to find that one in a million that could survive pushing past their limits.. way past what was safe.

We are dealing with pt’s health here… how many pts have we harmed or killed because we have allowed and accepted such conditions…

Isn’t is a shame that these same execs can’t muster the same chutzpah when they are dealing with contract negotiations with the PBM’s ?

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  1. It hurts to realize you are less important than money. We had a visit from Cardinal the other day. The two representatives discussed with my PIC the ways to cut labor costs. They spoke about it five feet from “the labor”. Later, stIll not sinking in, the PIC made a comment about the visit. How he liked the reps but how the discussions with them always turned to politics. He asked me what I thought of them. I said they were declasse for their lack of propriety. I think he didn’t like the rattling of the guillotine!

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