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A few weeks ago I posted this

I would sure hate !

Tisha Thompson It would appear that this investigative reporter from NBC 4 Washington took a interest in all the medication errors that was happening in community pharmacies.

Somehow, she ran across the whistle blower lawsuit that Joe Zorek  has with CVS.

After hours and hours of interviewing current and former CVS employees.. all of hers and two other members of her investigate team’s hard work will be making it to the small screen.

This is a three part series … first part airing this Monday ( Feb 24th) during the 6 PM ( EST) .. most likely between 06:30 PM & 07:00 PM..

The second part will air during the 11:00 PM (EST)

The third part will air during the 06:00 PM (EST) on Tues (Feb 25th)

This is suppose to be where the broadcast can be watched at – LIVE !


I have never spoken directly with Ms Thompson.. but.. it is my understanding that she is wanting to talk to anyone (Pharmacist – Technician – Patient ) that has experienced medication errors in the community/retail setting.

Here is her email Tisha.Thompson@nbcuni.com  or you can follow her on Twitter  @tishaontv

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  1. Any suggestions on how to get this done in other markets?

  2. Actually I myself was enrolled I redi-fill last spring when I was still forced to use CVS…it was done by the tech at the register without asking….what they won’t do for a extra .25 a hour!!! Two of the three stores we used did it.

  3. I was enrolled in auto-fill by my local CVS store without my knowledge until they started robo calling me to pick up an Rx. It took several calls to get it stopped. If it can happen to a pharmacist it can happen to anyone.

  4. We pharmacists will need documentation of discipline based on the numbers, not just evidence that chains use metrics. Any business will make a case for steps to ensure efficiency. It’s when the managers threaten based on those numbers that we need to document. Email it to yourself via Gmail to timestamp it.

    Also document concerns with pharmacy manager, and document when pic is directing staff to behave differently based on statements about the metrics. Etc.

    If there’s no proof they’re more than interesting goals, Boards will do nothing.

  5. I watched parts 1 & 2 last night. Joe Zorek did a great job!

  6. This is why I can’t sleep at night. After an insanely busy day I always, always worry that night… wondering if I’ve made a deadly mistake because of the required metrics and complete disregard for proper staffing at Goofmart Pharmacy.

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