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  1. I used to slave for CVS…those talking points are a joke. We’d get a visit from the DM telling us to refer ALL questions to him NO EXCEPTIONS.no talking to board members if they happened to stop by.

  2. Cannot share this one to facebook! It won’t let me.

  3. Stephen, I could not agree more. I esp like how the metrics are called “goals” and not quotas. Just today, I was reminded how “meeting expectations” affects our bonus. Not a word about improving patient care, though.

  4. “Are pharmacist told not to inform patients about errors?” that is a yes or no question that wasn’t even answered, but evaded. on the last one, that is complete crap. when i worked at CVS i was responsible for the fill station, the phones, and the drive thru. and if my waiters or (any order for that matter) expired i had to delete them and re enter them so we didn’t get docked for filling expired fill times.

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