What can you do .. they are in the driver’s seat !

A few years ago… that statement “they’re in the driver’s seat” would apply to Pharmacists …because there was a shortage reportedly as high as 6000 unfilled job slots. When we were in the driver’s seat… collectively what did we do??  I have heard of RPH’s who took sign on bonuses … satisfied the terms of the bonus and jumped to the next job with the largest sign on bonus… Did we insist on a better work environment… better staffing… NOPE… we just asked for HUGE pay increases… I think that the euphoria of the stock market in the late 90’s exemplified  the attitude ..  irrational exuberance  and a new paradigm. The stock market also has a saying “revert to the mean”.. meaning the pendulum will only swing so far before it starts back…

Today, we face a ever growing surplus, imagine the same employers that we took all that we could get from them a few years ago.. is now trying to playing the same game… except now we are the “victims”

There are certain requirements and obligation for “being in the driver’s seat”… just like driving a car… you need to obey the rules of the road…  While the permit holder… from many points are in the driver’s seat… the BOP considers the PIC and staff RPH’s the “responsible party” when it comes to things going wrong in the Rx dept. Everyone in the “vehicle” can be “three sheets to the wind”… you – the RPH – are the designated driver.

The back seat driver (the permit holder) is not responsible for YOUR ACTIONS  and the driver of this bus… The permit holder may have some liability because they “own the bus”… but if “run over” a patient..

If the “back seat driver” tell  you to violate some rules of the road… it will not be him/her that is going to be held liable if/when something goes wrong.

Why then do we allow these “back seat drivers” to tell us to do things that will bend/break laws and potentially harm pts?  If they are telling you to break a law… they are guilty of breaking their own laws ( Policy & Procedures). The corporation has its own “police dept” .. it is called HR/CCO/LEGAL

Outside of work… if you see someone breaking the law .. that is/could harm people… do you just shrug it off and go on your merry way.. or do you call the police?

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