What can the chronic pain community expect next year ?

As we anticipate what will – or will not – happen in regards to how the community will be treated after Jan 20, 2021.

A <D> controlled Congress gave us the Controlled Substance Act in 1970 and it assigned the task of enforcing this new law to our judicial system and our judicial system  only has one solution to someone breaking a law – prison /jail… that is the only tool in their “toolbox”.

During the Obama Administration we had three attorneys at the top of the administration – Obama – Biden – Holder.  The decade of pain law that was passed in 2000 by a <R> controlled Congress and is probably responsible for some inappropriate prescribing of opiates and controlled substances.

When that law expired 2009… there was a <D> Congress and they failed to renew that law…  FL had become a hot spot for pill mills and then Gov Rick Scott and AG Pam Bondi started to clean that mess up… Bondi in her campaign commercials for reelection she claimed to run all the “oxy-docs” out of Florida and Scott is now FL’s Senator and Bondi keeps showing up on Fox cable trying to be “someone important” in the Republican party.

It has been reported that Biden is a “tough on law” person…  when Trump came to office … he put Jeff Session in as AG and now Wm Barr is AG..  What all three of these men have in common is that they are in their 70’s … and they were admitted to the state bar just before or after the Controlled Substance Act became law.

IN 1970, was the year that I first become licensed as a Pharmacist and I know all the BS propaganda that was put out around the DEA coming to power. 

It has been reported that Harris is a “tough on law” type of person…  it is claimed that she had 1500 MJ smokers sent to jail … while around the same time she admitted on a recorded interview that she “used MJ”.  It is also reported that she threatened to jail parents whose kids had a truancy problem.

The community has no idea if Biden/Harris win this election as to who will be chosen as AG.

One can just imagine what will happen if the new AG under a Biden/Harris Presidency is another “tough on law” attorney.

If anyone has bother to notice… I have not heard one word – from either side – about the “war on drugs”… the COVID-19 pandemic is like a media tsunami

One thing, everyone needs to consider… we all hear each week about 2-3 cops getting killed but when is the last time that anyone has heard about a DEA agent getting killed ?  Aren’t they suppose to go after the drug cartels and isn’t it common knowledge that the cartels do not like anyone interfering with their business plan and are known for shooting/killing anyone who does screw with their business plan.

Does this suggest that the DEA has no interest in stopping the illegal drugs getting on our streets – from their source ?  And, it would seem that the DEA’s methodologies have been the same/similar for at least the last 12 yrs.

The Biden/Harris motto is BUILD BACK BETTER… where does the war on drugs and the community fit into that motto…  hopefully someone will be asking these questions to these candidates.

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  1. Ted Cole The DEA has been pretty much worthless for years. They are cowards and use the drugs they confiscate. They go after doctors because they don’t shoot back. The best this nation can do at this time
    is to completely remove the DEA from existence until they grow up and act responsible! Maybe never!

  2. I am not here for a political debate, only to direct readers to the facts. You are free to reach your own conclusions. I found Joe Biden’s “Plan to End the Opioid Crisis” here on his campaign’s website:


    When I looked for a similar plan on President Trump’s campaign site, I did not find anything, but did find this: a record of his healthcare achievements, which includes a sub-head dedicated to opioids:


  3. Protect the cartels?
    Heroin, fentanyl, and other strong opiate based illicit substances don’t “swim” across the oceans.
    Look a little deeper into the supply chain and remember “who” creates US “law” and think “hypocrisy”!

  4. I don’t think it would be a good idea to ask the candidates about the “opioid epidemic” because they will spit out all the myths and untruths that we have been hearing about for years. Too many people in this country have no idea what we are experiencing and even who we are as a separate distinct group of people. I would not expect either of these candidates to talk about this in any meaningful way, Since the theme of the convention has been about “empathy and caring” about others, I just have to be hopeful that in the future, somehow, this issue might be addressed by informed activists, who can find a way to get the facts and our plight to the right people who will listen and be open to change. I have just a small hope for change. In any case, I think bringing this up as a topic right now is a big mistake. No politician is that courageous and most are ignorant of the facts.

  5. For a new note I have been the recipient of 2 letters in 2 years from Walgreens. They have bought out 2 (two) of the few Independent pharmacies left in out town. (in the 2 years we have lived here) Is Walgreen trying to purchase and put out of business Independent Pharmacies who help us? And replace these vital shops with the do nothing Walgreens? They have been known to be rude to customers with pain scripts.. Outright refusing valid doctor’s scripts. I have found a third. I pray they don’t sell to Walgreens too. I was going to call you Steve but this may be our future.

  6. I’ll find the link to it, it’s a few years old … but Biden previously told pain patients to take Tylenol instead of Percocet/medical marijuana, so we know where he’s at.

  7. I COMETELY AGREE with you on this!!!!! I too am just left to wonder because it’s not being addressed at all. Something has to give & whoever wants our votes needs to answer to this pain community. I will never understand how it has gone so far!!! It’s complete discrimination of the diseased, sick, disabled, injured etc #PainPatientsVote2020

  8. WOW You hit the nail on the head in regards to the DEA..I have no doubt they are protecting the cartels an letting them get the illegal drugs in..I also have no doubt there are politicians who are getting kick backs from the cartels for the free reign on bringing drugs in..I read somewhere a week or so ago that besides the lunacy of “defunding” the police,there was talk of dismantling the DEA..If that rumor is true,I would be the first to back that action The DEA does nothing that it was intended to do when formed back in the 70s There focus now is to take down Doctors good an bad an ruin there careers! And of course to protect the cartels

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