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California Cancer Patient Suing California for the Right to End her Own Life


According to a Reuters report, a 53-year-old person with leukemia and living in California is suing the state for the right to commit physician-assisted suicide.

The patient, Christine White said in a statement:

“I am suing the State of California to remove the legal barrier between my doctor and myself to help me achieve a peaceful and dignified death, at the time and place of my choosing.”

Ms White has been battled cancer for seven years, first non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and then leukemia, which is currently in remission.

Ms White stated:

“If and when the leukemia returns, I want to have the option to ask my doctor to aid me in my dying.
“I don’t want to die in a hospital, I’ve seen too many of my friends in the cancer patients’ community die that way.”

The lawsuit was filed on her behalf by attorneys for the Disability Rights Legal Center. Five San Francisco doctors who support physician-assisted suicide werw also named as plaintiffs.

As we stated in an earlier article, cancer patient Brittany Maynard moved from California to Oregon, which is 1 of only 5 states (including Washington, Montana, Vermont and New Mexico) that authorize death with dignity (doctor assisted termination of life). In Oregon, Brittany legally obtained a prescription cocktail that she used to end her life last November.

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