OPERATION WARP SPEED: the horror stories are starting to see the light of day

As far as I can tell the Astra Zeneca version of a COVID-19 vaccine was never approved by our FDA.  Because of the “bum’s rush” (operation warp speed) to get a COVID-19 vaccine to market – as I remember – the USA ordered 300-400 million doses prior to that vaccine even getting a FDA EUA (Emergency Use Authorization).  I remember hearing that we sent hundred of millions of doses to India or Pakistan when they had a huge outbreak.

Back in 2020-2021, I remember questioning putting a new medication on the market with < one year of clinical trials – a new med typically takes 10+ yrs to get thru all the appropriate clinical trials and on to the market place..

As part of this “operation warp speed”, Congress indemnified everyone involved in getting these vaccines to market – that they could not be sued for any harm/damages that these vaccines could/would cause.

This video suggests that there was not only some harm to many pts getting these vaccinations, but there may have been some sort of purging of “bad data” and pts with adverse events and the woman in this video read a “suicide letter” from one such pt who experienced such bad outcomes that life was no longer worth living.

I am sure there will be more coming to light in the near/far future.

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