Warm bodies are good enough ?

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As an anonymous Rite Aid intern from the midwest, I can tell you that my PDM called all the interns in our district on Friday to ask us to scab for a week. Flight, car, food, hotel included. I asked if I would have to cross a picket line, and she said yes and that it would be “exciting” and “the best way to serve patients,” because I would be helping them get their medication or something. She asked which week of the next four I could go, and if I chose to go I would hear from someone a few days beforehand with details about where I’d be going. She hinted that I would probably get more than 40 hours, but didn’t say anything about overtime.

Toward the end of July about 6,000 unionized Rite Aid workers in California – including RPH’s – voted to strike… just because Rite Aid wanted them to lose or take cuts to 34 different existing benefits.

This is what happened when nurses went on strike in Oakland CA…

Nurse Labor Strike Leads To Patient Death In Oakland

The story goes that union nurses went on strike and the hospitals replaced them with nurses from various temp agencies. Reportedly, a nurse attached a ENTERAL FEEDING to a CENTRAL IV LINE… needless to say.. the patient’s outcome was not real good.

If the above information is correct with Rite Aid… it would seem that Rite Aid is not even trying to bring in RPH’s… but interns… who may or may not be familiar with the Rx dept layout and the idiosyncrasy of the prescribing community around the pharmacy.

Cannot anyone see potential similarities between the nurses strikes and what could happen if Rite Aid goes on strike?

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