To all Oklahoma patients and perhaps others across the nation:

To all Oklahoma patients and perhaps others across the nation:

If your doctor or nurse sees any type of unsafe practices, you would want them to report it for your safety. Right?
Now, last year, in order to address concerns about safety in the chain pharmacies and the lack of staff which caused delays in prescriptions and errors,
Oklahoma board of pharmacy put together a form which Pharmacists could fill to report lack of personnel.

Today, we have discovered and confirmed that CVS Pharmacy is requiring their pharmacists to let them know before they fill that particular form and report unsafe conditions to Oklahoma board of pharmacy.

Now to put that into perspective. Chain Pharmacists have already been afraid to speak up for their patients and themselves because their employers have found tactics to retaliate and intimidate them.
By CVS Health asking this of their pharmacists, the company is indirectly pushing their pharmacists to remain silent on the detrimental working conditions in the pharmacy.
As a patient and for the sake of your family, you should be concerned about this.
This is a tactic to intimidate pharmacists who are trying to be your advocate. This is a tactic to burry their voices.
Please know that Pharmacists are trying to be out there and to protect you! Please spread the word around the issues you are experiencing. Let your lawmakers know! Get in touch with our board of pharmacy.
Those companies are abusing their power with no fear of being held accountable for the harm they are causing!
Start to advocate for yourself and your loved ones.


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  1. Thanks Steve. They are way overwhelming our Pharmacists here in Benton, IL Sometimes 2 days to get an RX filled you personally called in & was told would be ready at 11am. Never ready & have never been there wasn’t told “It will be another 20 mins.” That’s standard operating procedure.

    • earlier in the year… up in New England somewhere.. can’t remember if it was CVS or WAGS… but… pharmacists were stating that they were TEN DAYS BEHIND… and reportedly District Managers were tell Rx dept staff to “focus on the waiters” I know that there has been a dramatic uptick in my snail mail about chains looking to hire pharmacists… This week I even got a EMAIL from Walmart looking to hire pharmacists and there was a LOT OF STORES in KY listed.. I even got a call from a temp service that I use to work for a lot before I retired for abt 5-6 yrs… The owner of the temp service – who I know very well – called me… I always get email from his service about open shifts… but I retired in 2013 and this is the first time that he has called me about working.. I would have liked to help him… but… really didn’t want to get back on that treadmill 🙁

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