Another ADA civil rights violation – discriminating against people with OUD treatment

Indiana board ordered to end bias against nurses with opioid use disorder

The Indiana State Nursing Board discriminates against nurses with opioid use disorder and must work with the Justice Department to end the civil rights violations, the U.S. Justice Department concluded in a recently released investigation.

The investigation, published March 25, was prompted by a complaint from a nurse alleging that she was denied participation in the Indiana State Nursing Assistance Program because she takes medication to treat opioid use disorder.

Investigators found the board violated the Americans with Disabilities Act by prohibiting nurses taking this medication to participate in the program, which rehabilitates and monitors nurses with substance use disorders, and is often required to maintain an active license or have one reinstated. 

A letter detailing the findings asked the board to work with the Justice Department to resolve the identified civil rights violations. 

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