This is going to be morbid !

cppsuicidetreeWe all know or have heard of CPP exercising the final solution to put an end to their chronic pain. IMO the bureaucrats are fully aware of what their actions are causing and/or going to cause.  That is why we are seeing a change in the nomenclature… they are no longer using the words “junkie” or “addict” … there is no longer “addiction” or “dependence”… everyone is now lumped into suffering from a “opiate use disorder” and any death with toxicology showing a opiate in the system – legal or illegal – is a “opiate related death”… no more accidental drug overdose.  They are preparing the media and society for a rash of “opiate related deaths”.

When it comes down to it.. the only difference between a accidental overdose and a suicide using opiates is a note not written or one that was destroyed, hidden or otherwise disposed of … after the fact. It could be done by a relative that stands to collect on an insurance policy if the death was not a suicide… It could be some bureaucrat that doesn’t want to be bothered with having to investigate a suicide – because that is ILLEGAL .. as opposed to a accidental overdose.. or someone who wishes to add to the count of accidental overdose to help the DEA have more reasons to ask Congress for more money in their budget.

Our judicial system in 1917 determined that being addicted to opiates a CRIME and not a DISEASE… and made it illegal for a doctor to treat/maintain a addict…  One has to ask, why is not ILLEGAL for a physician to treat a pt that is addicted to Alcohol or Nicotine ?  Are we slicing/dicing what addictions are sociably acceptable and which are not ?

It has  become common place for physicians to be charged with pt’s death when it is declared to be a OD.. and of course it is always accidental… never ruled as a suicide. Unfortunately, this needs to change.

Pts are committing suicide because of under/untreatment of pain.. denial of care… be it from a prescriber, Pharmacist or ER. My suggestion is to audio/video the interaction with the practitioner… get them to admit that they are denying care and the reason… whether it is fear of the DEA, fear of their employer or just being a ASSHOLE.

Why shouldn’t a practitioner be held responsible for a pt’s suicide .. if it is due to under/untreated pain or denial of care. The only way that this is going to happen is those that are hell bend on committing suicide to not leave only a written note but a video final statement… Blaming the practitioner’s actions or lack of actions as the cause of the pt’s exercise the ultimate act to resolve their chronic pain issues.  Send the video to all your friends and relatives via email or messenger, post it on  Here is a list of the members of Congress.. send your Representative and two Senators a copy 

List of Congressional Contact

If you are going to end it all… let others share your pain that you have had to endure because of their actions or lack of actions… don’t let the DEA count your death as another “opiate related death” for their self-serving gain.

I don’t want to encourage anyone to take their life… but 50,000 commit suicide every year and ONE MILLION attempt it…  that is more people than die from opiate overdoses.. but.. has not reached the status of EPIDEMIC as of yet.

The other way that you can share your untreated pain with those in Congress is to VOTE THE BUMS OUT… we have 435 in the House and 34 in the Senate up for election-reelection… that is 80% of Congress is on the ballot in November.  It doesn’t matter if a Republican or Democrat is your representative…If they have done nothing to back the DEA off of going after your pain management… they are part of the problem and apparently don’t care to be part of the solution… or they don’t see your lack of pain management a problem.

170 members of the House and 60 of the Senate are ATTORNEYS… their mindset is part of the judicial system .. as is the DEA.. all they know is that opiate addiction has been determined is a crime.. and all they know as Attorneys is to thrown criminals in jail.. So all the laws that they pass are based on an Attorney’s point of view.

They have not listened to you in all the times that you have contacted them in the past… what makes you think that they are going to start listening to you if they get re-elected.  Maybe putting the to work FINDING A NEW JOB… is the best way to get the attention of the rest of the members of Congress … because if 99% do not get reelected – as is normal – paranoia is going to spread rapidly throughout Congress…  Maybe they will start listening… if not.. in TWO YEARS … 80% of Congress is up for reelection again.


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  1. This treatment is BARBARICK !!!

  2. It’s extremely important that your suicide not be counted as another opiate-related death. If my meds are taken away and I am unable to handle the way life is anymore, I will make damn sure the anti-opioid zealots know it’s THEIR fault I was being tortured daily for no sensibly reason.

    Nobody wants to address this issue, but it’s being forced down our throats as each day goes by and it becomes harder and harder to get adequate treatment for chronic pain. Short of actually accomplishing changes in policy and guidelines, we must discuss how to plan our exits without adding to the problems those left on this planet, in our wake, must face as a result of our actions.

  3. EXCELLENT EXCELLENT ARTICLE,,,I could not agree more,,the point about a love one,,,it could be a mother of 6 kids too.My senator out right told me to ,”prove it,”,,,when I asked them to put on all death certicates a simple box,,,”death due to untreated physical pain,”my purpose is obvious to all of us,,,to record our deaths,,,however,,,after reading this article,,I started thinking ,”politically,” if that box was allowed,,,it would cause ,”them’ to admit on paper,,,their killing us,WILLFULLY,, it would officially recognize that forced endurement of physical pain ,,,its real,,,its a
    fact,,,,it would factually admit that u need to treat physical pain,,or your willfully committing torture and death,,people die,,,,and they want NO RECORD,,, of the deaths they have willfully caused,,,,,mary

  4. My 24 yr. old niece did leave a suicide letter when she died, and she did state that it was “to get rid of the pain”. What that pain was, she didn’t say, but she thanked her parents for being good parents.

  5. As a psychologist, your post really disturbed me & while you had no intention on encouraging suicide; that is exactly what will happen.
    I am in they same sinking ship & spend all my time trying to spread awareness of the abuse of CPP’s. I get just as frustrated as you do as I live in a 24/7 nightmare of pain; but suicide is NEVER the answer & should not be viewed as something that can help or as an act of martyrdom!
    The best way to get our voices heard, is for more CPP’s to get involved in this fight for our lives! We need to start really bombarding everyone w/ our stories & letters DEMANDING change! If we cannot get mainstream media to listen, then we need to go thru alternative media!
    The young turks are the biggest & most watched alt. media & we need to start bombarding them w/ requests to show our side as that would really get the ball rolling in our favor!!
    For anyone considering suicide, please go ahead & write your letters & make your video’s to show them what has driven you to even consider suicide an option. But for God’s sake DO NOT actually kill yourself! I have had family members that have killed themselves, including my mom, due to pain & it did nothing more than rip our family apart!!
    Those left behind will be completely shattered & while it will indeed stop your nightmare, the nightmare for your friends & family, will begin.

    • As I said in my post … I am not encouraging anyone to commit suicide,but we have around 50,000 suicides already and just how many of those suicides are a result of denial of care ? How many “opiate related deaths” are actually suicides that the coroner just took the easy way out and the suicide notes “disappeared” and a lot of time/trouble/resources were saved and relatives got to collect life insurance ? IMO.. there are too many within the various bureaucracies will lie or misrepresent the truth of what is happening to protect their jobs and their agenda. All too often reality is both painful and disgusting at the same time.

    • You are wrong. Suicide is definitely going to be a choice for me. I do not care what others think or do. Please mind your own business.

    • Mr..Psychologist,,humanbeings with chronic physical pain from medical illness decide long before u or Mr.Steve to end their lives to stop their physical pain before ever ,”reading,” anything,,,being a shrink,,maybe,,just maybe give your loved ones or any one in forced treatable physicalpain credit 4 having their own mind,,No sane humanbeing would want to live every second of their life in forced physical pain..My husband of 30 years,,knows,,if the day should ever come,,that my medicines are forcible taken from me,,i will choose death,,he understands and respect the fact that no living entity should have to live in forced physical pain,,ever,,,he loves me enough to respect my decision and understand why I would do such a thing,,as he tooo would never want to live his life in physical pain every day..THANK GOD,, I have a humane doctor,,thank god!!!!!!!!!,,,so far,,,mary

  6. It’s really ironic that when non-perjorative language is actually promoted, it benefits substance abusers and HARMS CHRONIC PAIN PATIENTS.

  7. I am voting out the incumbent in every available opportunity.

    From Steve: Remember to vote early and often

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