Let’s give everyone a FREE COLLEGE EDUCATION !

That is what has been put on the table by one or more Presidential candidates… Does anyone realize HOW STUPID THAT IS ?

Not everyone has “the smarts” to go to college… not everyone has the dedication to make it thru college.. by dedication I mean to be grown up enough to make sure that you go to class, do your homework, study and show up for tests.  For some people the “freedom” of being on their own is just too much temptation to loose focus on what is important..  why they are in college in the first place.

How many tax dollars are going to be “flushed” on people that go to school for a year or two and drop out and/or flunk out..?  When something is “free” not everyone appreciates the value of something “free”.

There is untold number of technical/hands on jobs wanting properly trained people to fill them. Many of them are good paying six figure income jobs.. but.. you  may have to get your hands dirty and/or not be able to sit behind a desk in an air-conditioned office.

A college education does not guarantee a good job or even a job… just ask some of the recent graduates from law, pharmacy, dentistry … ten years ago they would have graduated with a handful of job offers… today… they graduate with huge student loan debt and no job offers in hand.


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  1. I gotta disagree w/mr.steve on this 1,,,if college was free,,i would of gone,,,i think if they left it,,u gotta carry the proper gpa,,,like it is now,,,it would give young adults who r poor,,,,that option,,i like idea,,,others who do not want to go,would do so anyways,,,and want to learn a trade,,they would do so whether college is free or not,,,,,and it would give a better quality of life on the home fronts,,,instead of a constant struggle to simply survive,,other countries do it,,why can’t we??,,,jmo mary

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