some chain pharmacy generating business by making sick employees to keep on working ?

Hello there, I’m reaching out to you because I feel that there is seriously something wrong with Walgreens right now. I wish to remain anonymous please.

I’m in the DFW area and as you may already know, Texas has had a huge surge of COVID-19 cases. Saturday night, I had 3 of my techs coming down with symptoms. I asked Walgreens what to do? “Go see their primary care doctor and pharmacy stays open.” Is there a way to get them fast tracked for testing? “They need to see their primary care doctor first.” With how my tech’s symptoms are and THREE of down coming down with the same symptoms at the same time, I am positive that it is COVID19 yet Walgreens has refused to do anything. No doctors are going to be open on the weekend for such late notice COVID testing. Walgreens will not close the pharmacy, they will not do a deep cleaning, they do not allow us that extra time to clean before and after closing. I’m so tight on hours that if I have my techs stay after closing to clean, I would be over my budget. I’m really damned if I do damned if I don’t. I had to advise my other techs to make an appointment at CVS to get themselves tested for COVID because it takes 2-3 days to make an appointment. Isn’t that sad? As Walgreens employees we have to go to CVS to get tested. My worst fear is, there is a technician at another store who tested positive, that Walgreens still is operating like normal. Nothing was done. Walgreens does not care about its customers nor their employees by pretending that there’s nothing wrong when there is a positive COVID case. I feel like we need to call out this behavior because it really is detrimental to our community as a whole. Who knows how many other Walgreens is doing this?

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  1. If they are positive they will have every right to stay home AND THE PHARMACY WILL CLOSE… SOLUTION? Keep pushing back their rights and offer zero help as much as possible…

  2. I hope this person tries to get a media outlet interested…they usually can’t resist something this grim & potentially deadly, & it is in the top (practically only) topic the MSM cares about nowadays.

    I still find it ironic that, right up to the first reports of the pandemic, news outlets were screaming that the OPIOID EPIDEMIC was the worst thing that could possibly hit the country, that it was destroying the very fabric of society (& it was all the chronic pain patients’ fault). Well golly gee, something worse came along & now it’s as if the opioid “crisis” never existed…except for the millions of pain patients who are needlessly suffering, dying, & committing suicide. Wonder if there’s any way to get it out that we’ve largely been forced into isolation b/c they ripped away what let at least some of us be functional…there’s quite a bit of hype about how disastrous isolation has been for “normal” people. Yet they’ve forced us to live that way for years.

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