Slaves for Walgreens Blog !

Slaves for Walgreens

Apparently a disgruntled/disillusioned RPH that works/worked for WAGS started this blog TWO YEARS AGO..  The fact that this blog has been stagnant for two years.. maybe this RPH also got discouraged because no one comment… and stopped blogging… I suspect that this blog does not comply with WAG’S social media policy.. but I have never read WAG’S social media policy.. just a guess on my part 🙂

From the blog:

this site is dedicated to all current and former walgreens employees especially Pharmacists. we cannot present issues to the corporate office because of fear of termination. see older posts I urge you to spread the word about this site. We need to get the attention of anyone that can make a change

I am currently a walgreens pharmacist, who has had it with the company and feel oppressed by Walgreens. We professionals need a common website to voice our opinion and pain, so that we can be heard What is our purpose of this site? To let consumers, the public, professionals, and Media to know what we are going through. We need solutions!!!!!

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