Pharmacist: didn’t know what med was for… refused to fill Rx and confiscated Rx and destroyed it

This is a email that I got this week… I have put it in the order received and my answer to her. It would appear that CVS has put a “do not fill” lock on invermectin in their pharmacy computer system.  There is a lot of “political theater” around the use of ivermectin in treating COVID-19. I am STUNNED that the pharmacist stated that “didn’t know what the med was for”… If I don’t know something about a med – a new one or one not used much… I used this UTILITY called the internet to look up the information and do a “quick read” on the med.  Once again, one of the basics of the practice of medicine is the starting, changing, stopping a pt’s therapy.  So is the fact that CVS has a “do not fill” lock on Ivermectin in their pharmacy computer system or the fact that the pharmacist “destroyed” the pt’s prescription… which one – OR BOTH – is attempting to practice medicine without a license ?  Because


A doctor prescribed 3 medications for me.  The pharmacy refused to fill one but filled the others?  They said they had a policy not to fill but referred me to the CDC for the information?  I did not find a policy denying the medication.   I left a message for the District Manager to call me but hasn’t.

What is the best way to proceed?  I feel my civil rights have been violated, and that the pharmacist over stepped her authority by practicing medicine?  The drug in question is not a controlled substance.

I suspect that pharmacy was a CVS or Walgreens and the med was for COVID-19 med…  maybe ivermectin…  One of the basics of the practice of medicine is the starting, changing, stopping a pt’s therapy… did she give you the Rx back or was it sent electronically ? either way… she has imposed you from getting that med ANYWHERE… she has basically confiscated your Rx…  which is your property…  until it is filled…  if it was anything but a C-II and it was electronically – she is able to transfer it to another pharmacy…  But is not unusual for these chains to establish corporate edict as to how their employee pharmacist practice pharmacy – which is also against the law.

Here is a link to find a independent pharmacy by zip code  where you will be dealing with the Pharmacist/Owner and they tend to be much less judgemental and don’t have some “big shots” at the corporate HQ telling them how to practice pharmacy and/or tell them to break the law and practice medicine without a license…

Take all your meds to them… the pharmacy that refused to honor your prescriber’s orders…does not deserve your patronage nor your money.

Yes you are correct.  It was CVS and Ivermectin.  The thing is they really did not know that the drug was for, although they were inferring it was and practicing medicine.  I asked for the prescription back but  I believe, they deleted the prescription sent electronically because the clerk said something that led me to think that, although he was able to retrieve the “Prescription Inspect” but don’t know if I can take it elsewhere?  The pharmacist was rude to me, and when I asked her where I could get a copy of the “policy” she told me to go to the CDC and gave me the phone number to the CVS District Manager who has no name or any message on his phone so I don’t even know who I am calling?  I’ve left 2 messages now and he won’t call.

I am thinking of filing a complaint with the Pharmacy Board.  But  don’t want to if it won’t make any difference.  Can you advise on that? And thank you so much for responding to my complaint.

You can file a complaint with the pharmacy board  but suggest that you read this first   The BOP’s are political animals and the “inaccurate info” about invermectin is part of our political theater.. Japan has been using it as part of treating COVID-19 and reportedly they have used tens or hundred of million of doses. suggest that you watch this video  person testifying before a senate committee with “tons” of info about clinical trials successfully using invermectin to treat COVID-19.  IF you do call the board of pharmacy… I would complain about them confiscating and destroying your prescription…  that is like taking a check to a bank to cash or deposit and they refuse and shred it …

Steven R. Ariens, P.D. R.Ph.

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  1. I would also advise this person to get hold of Dr. Pam Popper from #MakeAmericaFreeAgain She can be found you yt and I don’t think her fb page has been shut down yet. Frontline doctors want folks to come to them if they need help with any med for covid-19. She has an email address too besides a phone number where she can be reached.

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